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'Win Game'

Right now, you have two options in game play; quit, or keep playing until you die. I'd like to see some option of a 'win'.

Now, I'm not talking a Big Win, where you figure out what's going on, who you are, and all those sorts of details. I would like to see all that eventually, but it's a long ways off. No, I'd like to see a little something where you technically win, and can walk away content.

I'm sure there are many ways this could be done, but the one that springs to mind is to retire in the DMC. I'm very open on details, but what I have in mind is another button option in the DMC, call it 'Bob's Real Estate'.

Talk to Bob, and he tells you Real Estate is of course a hot item. Lots of people want in, but there's only so much room. However, he did just get in a small apartment house, ready to sell, only $10,000.

Of course can choose to walk away, but if you buy it, gives a series of events about how the building is a bit old and in need of constant repair. Things you can't oversee yourself (a few variations for your skill set) eat in to the profits for hiring repairmen. The rent from other apartments doesn't make you rich, but it's a great deal better than fighting dogmen for your next meal. There's always something that could use attention around the place, and of course the city is filled with events to occupy your time. Every once in a while, in a rare moment of quiet, you find yourself looking towards the walls, wondering how your life might have gone had you stayed outside them. But soon enough there's someone knocking at your door, complaining about a leaky pipe, and the line of thought is broken. GAME OVER.

Should you have read the news, you'd become aware that some sort of closure is planned for the game; the game - and with it, the plot - is simply not finished yet.

As for the planned nature of it (which thing may be adjusted, changed etc - but is the current idea):

I also thought of some end-game scenarios. Certainly death is one end-game. Permanent incapacitation/imprisonment will likely be another. However, apart from those possibilities, I also want there to be a player-signaled end.[br]
There won't likely be a "big boss fight" climax, followed by "the end" as with many games. Rather, the player will be uncovering snippets of info, and will have to decide when they have enough to "move on." This moving on will likely be a deliberate step the player takes to leave Michigan, and start their next journey/investigation (i.e. a sequel).[br]
That said, there should still be climactic moments to experience. Just not the typical three-act structure.

Other than that, I certainly wouldn't mind - and even want - some achievable 'collectible' subplots, like being able to start living in/setup something that called be called a home (also mentioned by developer with concept already presented and lightly touched in form of cryo facility), establish certain relations with different factions and groups living in and outside of DMC and so on.

Especially said DMC interactions are something I'd wait for, together with some more occult/esoteric influences, so beside cryptoids and post-apoc survival, we'd also have cyberpunk dystopian corporations and secret knowledge about hidden aspects of reality, offering power and other great rewards but also dangerous ordeals that one needs to overcome. But that's a different topic - and possibly just few of the many things that will be developed with time.

So something like "retire" option from "Sid Mayer's Pirates!", but only unlockable after certain prerequisites are met?
I like general idea. How about few options?
One is to start running hotel in DMC (like you mentioned)
Another could be option to run for "mayor" of DMC (I'm not sure what political system is there though).
One more- you marry daughter of local manufacturer (of ammo, weapons, meds or anything like that) and after her father dies you both run the company, eventually you become ultimate family man (house, kids and domesticated dogman included)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Property owner, industrialist or a mayor?

Philip is a homeless, junk gathering hobo (and, in some cases, a maniacal murderer), whose only option right now is a lonely and painful death. And, if Dan delivers what he has said he will, the other one will be a journey into the unknown, through a toxic swamp :D.

So I propose to change his "retirement" options (for the sake of staying grim) to:
- working some dirty work for a corrupt city official to gain a citizen pass and a "privilege" of a place in state-funded homeless shelter;
- working some dirty work for a notorious city mobster to gain a gang membership and a "privilege" of a mattress in one of their crack-houses;


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While mayor of the biggest and most advanced place around may be quite a stretch I actually can easily imagine a few 'settle' down endings, depending on players actions. While character may not get much influence, finding work for influential person and being rewarded enough to continue living on somewhat comfortably seems very believable to me, as does preparation and upgrade of one of possible 'bases/homes' and living a hermit's live.

Even regular thug in some organization can often advance in the ranks and I don't see why, with the reality being as it is, we couldn't end up as professional 'wetwork' guy for some faction or generally for hire, member of some close-knit tribe/cult/whatever, skilled hacker who lays low, but with access to enough important systems of the city that he doesn't have to worry about survival, simply hard worker who hoarded enough cash to keep on going for quite a bit or combination of any of the above. With bigger enemies or friends making an additional impact.

That would be actually quite a nice fluff thing to grant slightly more satisfaction to those of the players who hope for some sort of closure for their character and are not interested in his past. Several flags activated depending on player's actions, dozen or two of few-line descriptions of 'what happened after' depending on which flags got activated and in what combinations isn't that much of the work in comparison with lots of the stuff we already have and it would be enough to set quite a few players up with an ending pertraining to their tastes - a thing quite important in a sandbox game.

I suppose one ending could be that Philip manages to get a boat working or steals a boat and sails to greener pastures(sequel?/ maybe Canada?)

lol wat?

Ahh, Canada- a land of yellow sky, blue grass, green sand beach and Dogmen who apologize before mauling you :D
It really is a greener pasture (with a bit of radioactive glow)

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.