Save Game Issues and New Features on Voting Page

So it looks like the save game feature I uploaded still has a few bugs. Some folks have reported mostly blank screens after loading, and others have noted status changes or time-lapses. I'm keeping a list of issues as I read them, and I'll take a look tomorrow.

Today, I tried to dive back into the forums to answer questions and write down suggestions. I only managed to respond to a handful, so I apologize if I haven't seen your comments yet. The comments continue to be very well-informed and helpful, and I'll do my best to read as many as possible!

Feature Voting Update

I also made some changes to the features on the voting page. The "bleeding/bandaging" feature has been expanded to a full wounding system, as that has come up a number of times in discussion. More interactive wounds would make the game more interesting, and allow players to be resourceful, so I'm all for that.

Similarly, I've added a new feature for expanding combat into a more interactive experience. The format is still undecided, but it might mean something more like the opening encounter with the dogman, where different skills provide different outcomes. Alternatively, it could work like scavenging, where skills and items alter probabilities for outcomes. Or maybe something completely different! At any rate, the idea would be to make combat more than just attack/run.

That about does it for me today. Thanks for all the feedback, and thanks for playing!