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i thought i would start a topic were we all discuss tactics and how we could improve
e.g my tactics is to go up north loot zom zoms and wait about 7 days then to the glow
but with a lot more detail like i started with skills and skinned the dogman and such

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

If an enemy has fallen and is recovering, a melee surge is recommended to keep them in range

lol wat?

I generally start games by searching in concentric circles outward from the cryo lab. If you have crap luck and can't find clothes but are able to find a sleeping bag, you can stave off death by hypothermia by cuddling up in your sleeping bag in the exam room. Once you're toasty and the sun comes out you can wander out to try again, buttcheeks proudly in the wind.

Then I'll wander generally east for a while hopefully finding or making some suitable weapons and fully dressing myself. Guns are a nice ace-in-the-hole, but I prefer bows and spears since they fit my woodsy playstyle well. If I ever get banged up I'll just wander out of the woods a day later bristling with spears and arrows, fat and stained head-to-toe in berry juice and squirrel blood. With trapping and botany you really shouldn't starve, regardless of what else may come.

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I generally don't approach the glow until I'm in good health with a vehicle loaded down with valuable pelts, electronics, bullets and pills for sale. I'll scavenge and explore around the midway point between the cryolab and glow until I'm well outfitted with plenty of goodies. If something unfortunate happens like an advanced infection or disease, being around the halfway point allows you to book it to the glow for medical treatment. This has saved me once or twice when I've misclicked while eating or some ugly wounds turned uglier. Sometimes all the antibiotics and tannin tea in the world can't save you from what's bad inside.

Metabolism, Insomniac, Medic, Strong, Tough, Botany, Melee, Ranged, Myopia & Athletic

Insomniac is an advantage. Waking up before you get mauled. Not necessarily a bad thing. Usually I wake up with time to get ready, or get away. With insomniac, you usually only sleep one or two turns. Enough to get you going again. And not long enough to endanger you to attack while sleeping.

Metabolism + Medic, and you regenerate like Wolverine.

Metabolism, without Botany, will be difficult, not impossible. With Botany, not even a disadvantage.

Strong greatly enhances looting, not to mention, the strong, tough, melee, athletic, bare knuckle a dog-man to death combination.

Ranged, because starting a fight before the enemy can reach you... priceless. And stones are everywhere.

My current playthrough has been my most successful, and I've been doing it with just ranged, athletic, and trapping for "combat-related" skills. With the ability to craft arrows I've found melee to be almost obsolete. It's gotten to the point that I'll just carry a bow and shotgun/rifle in both hands and have whichever long arm I have the least ammo for slung. The only melee weapon I keep is a strapped crowbar in the vehicle for looting purposes.

Two or three attackers? No problem. Just keep running/falling back and shooting at the closest one whenever they're vulnerable. It's important not to shoot when they're not vulnerable. If no targets are vulnerable just take that turn to adjust distance accordingly. It's basically the Neo Scavenger equivalent of the partisan shot, and it works fantastically. They're all laying on the ground unconscious and coughing blood in no time. Then you can walk up and kick/punch them to death at your leisure.

The only problems I've had are waking up with groups of dogmen standing over me. Making four noise traps every time you sleep helps, but sometimes one of them will get the tackle before you can get to range. Then you have to survive the literal dogpile.

Current build Athletic, Ranged, Trapping, Medic, Botany, Hiding with Insomniac and Myopia for negatives. Both fixed with sedatives and eye augmentation. I've run out of things to do with this character except horde pills and ammo. The clown head wearing freak with the sled full of dogman cloaks is beginning to tire of murder.

I wouldn't call Insomniac a disadvantage. While it is red and gives you another blue. It is the only trait I will never play without. Fix it with pills? Sounds dangerous. I've used pills once or twice, but only in areas I know to be safe.

In real life, Insomnia is typically caused by stress and worry. Its a primal response that prevents you from sleeping while you are in danger.

Personally, I think insomniac should be blue, not red. But I'm not complaining about it either.