Game Giveaway: 6 Copies of NEO Scavenger!

Hey Folks!

Been waiting for access to the NEO Scavenger beta, but a little short on cash? Today may be your day!

This Saturday evening (October 5th, 2013), I'll be giving away 6 copies of the NEO Scavenger beta. Anyone can enter, though 4 copies will be reserved for players who don't already have beta access. 2 additional copies will be given to existing customers, to be given away to the person of their choice.

Recently, an anonymous fan generously offered to buy a gift copy to be given away. Since I thought that was such a cool gesture, I decided to throw in 5 extra copies and make a thing of it. Hence, this giveaway!

Here's how it works:

  • Play the free NEO Scavenger demo, dodge some crazed bandits, scavenge some useful junk, die of cholera/hypothermia/pulmonary embolism a few times, and get a general sense for the world and story.
  • Decide what the biggest mystery is to you in the game. What mystery would you most want solved by the end of the game?
  • Create or log into an account on Creating an account is free. Winning accounts will be granted access to both Flash and downloadable versions of NEO Scavenger on Beta access also includes a Desura key, Steam key (when available), and access to the final game (when it's finished).
  • Comment on this news post with your top choice from step 2 above. You can include more than one mystery in your response, but indicate which is your top question. Only comments on this page will be counted.
  • Only one post per person will be counted. Additional posts will not be counted in the random draw.
  • 4 copies will be reserved for new players who do not yet have beta access.
  • 2 copies will be reserved for existing players, who can then email/PM me with the person to whom they want to give the beta. (Existing customers have seen more game lore, and I'm definitely interested in their opinion, too!)
  • Respect other users. No name-calling, trolling, racism, sexism, yadda yadda. If you're a jerk, you're out. No warnings.

So please give the game a shot, see what you think, and toss your question into the ring! Your participation will help me improve the story as I work on it, and please spread the word if you have friends who'd be interested!


Tehnormalguy's picture

Ooooo a raffle...lets see question...question...question...

Its been pretty lonely traveling alone in Michigan, will there be companions?

naujkun's picture

Will there be more than just one city/country including sailing,traveling through countries and such or would that be more appropiate for an expansion?

Tarquinn's picture

This contest is such an awesome idea. I've been following this project for a long time over on the SA forums and I'm really looking forward to its release!

For my top mystery I have to go with the obvious one: What is/what has caused the cataclysm?

~Never underestimate the power of a Dark Clown

tertang's picture

Yes! An opportunity to get this game! Now then... Since I have only tried the Demo I only know so much, seeing as how I can't get past the city.

1. What purpose/relation does the Merga Wraith serve to the protagonist? I.E. Related to him before he was put into stasis, a monster that was made out of unique conditions, a simple curse, ect. Basically put, what is the background behind the Merga Wraith and what is it's reason to be there.

I choose this mystery because I feel there is a lot more to the monster than just a bloody murderer. Could even be you from some other timeline or something! Maybe you can become it and try to kill yourself? Who knows?! :D

tank_tampon_jr's picture

will there be any secret areas ,or easter eggs

laclongquan's picture

What is the cataclysm? Without knowing the cause we can have great danger in going forward.

ggf162's picture

I want to know why the cataclysm happened, and how it spawned the beasts. It's intriguing.

luciuskiller's picture

1. could there be magic so like the player has that necklace is it enchanted to keep the merga wraith away

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

DJ_Serperior's picture

Why the heck was I cryo frozen? What's my deal?

thefool's picture

Will there be more options for player creation at a later time (ie playing as a female, or anything other than 'Basic Human')?

good grief

ScavengeHunter39's picture

My biggest mystery of all is...

How did this all start?
As in, what was the origin of story?
Where did this all start?
And are there aliens?

Is that what I think it is?

wbarnes1989's picture

#1 Who put me in a cryovat at the start of the game and why?

Who am I?
What role does hacking play?
What's in the city?
What was the beast hunting me at the start of the game?
What is society like in the city? Is there one?
Will there be interaction with other survivors beside fighting?
What things can I build/create?
What kind of factions have risen to power in the apocalypse?

I've been wanting to play the full game since it first went public. I can't wait to see what the full game has in store.

flipbk47's picture

Who woke me and why?

I really enjoyed the play style of Neo scavenger and look forward to the finished game. I have played the demo multiple times and even within its intended limitations I have found many ways to keep the game play interesting including imaginary goals, stock piling certain supplies, attempting to achieve and maintain a certain level of badassery, Et cetera. There are a few things I have wondered about though beyond the characters strange current reality, Is his goal to discover his past and maintain his humanity in an insane world? or is it to find/carve out a place in this new uncertain world? I personally like the idea of a protagonist that becomes stronger in the absence of a past but I'm not sure how much I should prioritize survival vs maintaining humanity to remain true to the character in early game play.

The mystery I would like an answer before the end is Who woke me and what purpose did they have in mind for me when they did?

Kuranes's picture

Ooh I like this one!

ScavengeHunter39's picture

A definite winner.

Is that what I think it is?

flipbk47's picture

Thank you for the vote of confidence

ImpKeeper's picture

whats the wearwolf thing about in the start of the game

or what it was, the thing that charges into the first room when you can hide or run..

and the mystery is can you become one yourself and or how do you avoid to become one. or become one if thats your choice

dawnstorme's picture

What inspired you to create this game? Are there any other future locations planned? When is the planned release date for this game?

Govin's picture

Did Hatter have any role in apocalypse and if, what kind of?
Who is the mysterious lady in strange forest?

Kuranes's picture

While the whole "how did this world come to be?"-mystery is tempting I find the mystery of "what else is out there?" to be much more alluring. Already have I seen some weird things around, and I'd love to see what else would lurk in corners of the Neo Scavenger world.

deyudey's picture

Why is every encounter(so far) been with NPCs that want my skin? It may be a rough world, but it needs some nice people.


Dromlexer's picture

About the world...

This question about are the world the game is playing on, is my biggest mystery I came into.

Is Michigan the only area which survived the apocalypse/catastrophe? How and why?

EDIT: This comment was quite long and big and had many questions. So I cut down a question. I think this question is good enough.

Monkeydo's picture

Man this game is annoyingly addictive...Why do you hate me so much!

I have not been able to get very far, (I had a good game going but then someone attacked me in my sleep and my alarms didn't work..) so I guess my question would be, what are the Melonheads, their origin etc.?

Billick's picture

Why wasn't the cryo facility broken into and looted a long time ago?

Sieferdarkstar's picture

Has alien life visited the planet and will that be a secret in the game?

luxious's picture

Is there will be a bandit camp(or something like that) and a possibility to join them?

DeMignon's picture

Will there be further NPC interaction or is it just fighting? Would love to see more RPG elements due to interactions with friendly or undetermined NPCs that can become either friendly or hostile. I'd like to have a reputation or even make friends. Few deeper relations are better than many shallow ones, imo.

(Also a pet companion would fit nicely in the setting)

Warhand101's picture

Who is she in the white...and why does she smell like cinnamon and leave me gifts?

hagamablabla's picture

Did humans make it into space before the shit hit the fan? If we had cryostasis down well enough to where we could sell a spot in a pod, maybe we could have sent humans into space.

Though if they go to Alpha Centauri it'll be even worse than it is here. At least there's no mind worms on Earth.

wizardjian's picture

My biggest question would be "What happened to that girl that was captured to the slavers."

I really want to know, but I want to help even more. My blood boils when ever I see something like this.
So I really want to know her story and if possible rescue her too, even if it is just a txt event.

Hunter4408's picture

Hi, my name is Hunter and you do not know how excited and jumpy I was to see your giving this away. So automatically I became a full story writer! These are my theories on the horrifying wasteland.

How did the Epidemic begin? :
While I was playing the demo I noticed how much it reminded me of how horrible nuclear power can be, it looked very familiar to as if a nuclear explosion happened in the area which caused everything to go in ruin. Actually if you did not know, radiation has the power to evolve creatures. Dogmen and Melonheads reminded me of that evil feature radiation has. Dogmen appear to me as an evolved Gray Wolf who has apparently grown much to that of a human but still share the same behaviors of a Wolf. Melonheads look like humans who came from Philip's origins, a Cryo Facility, except perhaps physically as the Nuclear explosion was active, it could have caved in the Cyro Facility they were located in and busted the tanks, allowing the radiation to irritate the victims heads, the radiation could have manipulated their DNA to make them have instincts to call for other Melonheads help, and the radiation could have also irritated their body structure making them very frail, weak and small. Soon after the explosion, after they became conscious and gathered their wits, they all left the area to go and find what in the world is happening. After about a week, they discovered Allegan Fairground and begged for shelter that they must have not had.

Okay, now to Philip Kindred.

Philip Kindred is a young, white male (22-26) who was taken by Radiologists and other scientists for tests, like the Melonheads and Neighbors to Philip's tank he was taken in for his unusual behaviors. During this time of future Nuclear Weapons was the main topic of the world. Governments all over the world have been testing and tinkering on Nuclear weapons they can use in war.
America was doing something terribly wrong as they attempted to create Nuclear Ammunition for vehicles like Tanks. America was not only creating nuclear ammunition for vehicles but weaponry used by infantry. Pollution began to start causing everything to very slowly begin dying. Flocks of birds began to fall cold dead, cows began acting as if they were very sick and would soon die a painful death, and many other animals began dying from scrapped nuclear materials. At the time, Philip Kindred was a Mechanic and Electrician in Michigan. Soon the radiation began affecting some humans and harming them. Philip Kindred was single because no girl really liked how he was an expert and collector of Indian artifacts and Indians themselves. Philip Kindred had a very, very prized possession he wore everyday to work, a bronze Talisman on a braided leather string. This necklace was made by Indians long ago. Very oddly, one day while Philip was at work, radiation particles from pollution flew by and seemed to be very sensitive to the bronze metal. This caused a plight because once the particles hit the bronze it caused a very strong shove upon Philip causing him to trip to his feet, this force made him feel a very horrifying yet confusing "Back off, take off this necklace and you will suffer the consaquences." He then had to get chewed by his boss and soon it all ended in him being tested in a cryo facility. The day came when they were going to test the necklace upon Philip's chest and put him into the cryo tube. They took it off, fought him and finally shoved him in the cryo tube as he was very distraught and angry, with a great sense of confusion, and soon a great ghoul-like entity burst out of the necklace, scared and not knowing what to do also with a great mass of confusion, the scientists stood stupidly with great fear as the unknown as the Merga Wraith then tortured them all with his great powers. Then as if he knew what he was doing, he opened the cryo tube that had Philip in it, made sure Philip was knocked slap out, and then put the necklace back on Philip's neck, used a great power to make Philip not remember anything from the past, and shoved him back in the tube quickly and then magically sucked himself back into the necklace. The Merga Wraith will never be fully understood. All known about it is it must be some way related to Indian Mythology made real. Philip Kindred then wakes up unknowingly after some entity opened his tube and left very quickly, must have been either from curiosity or wanting to save poor Philip right before it notices that it had awoken a Dogman. The encounter of the dogman occurs and Philip leaves the facility, to find out who he his, and what the hell is going on. Philip has been in the tube for 4 years, and what he does not know is the 3rd year the world changed. Before the 3rd year the Military never knew about the Merga Wraith paranormal experience that the Scientists had that was their fate, and no one ever went to the facility to make sure everything was okay since most of the people were too busy with their futuristic lives.

Basically, my version bases the game after Nuclear pollution rotted everything into a wasteland and then an explosion occurred causing America to change dramatically into a Wasteland.

Hope you like my plot of the story, some of it may seem unclear because I've been a demo player and therefore I never really knew the encounters and other parts of the story you can discover in the Beta game, but yes, I did research. Thanks for this opportunity to actually tell you my view on a new plot!

P.S I'm sorry if I am doing this incorrect, I think I said much more than I needed too...

- Hunter

Do what you want because a pirate is free! You are a pirate!

THEJamiboi's picture

1: I'm sure we can all agree that the start of the game is quiet awesome with many different options but... did you ever wonder if the creator could add another like it but random, you stumble across a wounded man you could heal him or kill him, the killing option would give cool loot the saving would give you *Gasp* a best friend! :D Think about it two guys surviving hell together course it has down sides you have two mouths to feed and their could be conflict, but you can carry more fight bigger groups of enemy's and even sleep in turns in the night (I find I sleep half the night then sit around bored senseless.
2: Okay so there are a bunch of untrained, starting off unarmed people running around (Now I'm going to swear here so be warned) ... WHERE THE FUCK IS THE MILITARY!? I MEAN REALLY DAY TO DAY PEOPLE CAN SURVIVE IT BUT THE GUYS WITH HELICOPTERS AND TANKS CONVOYS AND ALL MANY OF OVER POWERED SHIT COULDN'T!?!?! Come on I mean really come on other than the city (Which I know has soldiers because of let's play's I only have a demo sadly) There is no government presence I mean... you could at least have a place to loot like: "A Medical tent, set up by the Military during the early battles of the apocalypse the outside is lines with the blood of the injured who were dragged away by who know's what... if I actually see that I want credit but I'd flip out anyway! :D Though sorry about me getting mad but you have to admit, good point what happened to the army could we at least see wreckage along the world showing that at the very least the government TRIED to help it feels like hell broke lose and they just... I dunno packed their bags and went to Greece? So basically... will you add Military wreckage?

Sodom's picture

First I´m sry for my english.

1)Will there be more NPC´s like some pedlar. Or other NPC´s.
2) Do you want to put some more RP like elements?
3) Can we suggest some Recipes?
4)Can i play as a Female in the far futur?
5) Are there more Animals?
7) Can we have some Pet Companion?

Oh there are so much Questions but i will wait for these anwsers

Thank you!

Sabre's picture

The shopping cart is categorised as a vehicle, how do we ride around in one? Flintstone style? Lol. <-Top question

How do we avoid getting a fully loaded shopping cart bogged? We are running around cross-country.

Can we crack the Melonhead's open and eat the "melon" *wink*.

When you eat another human why do we not get a negative? Carnivore trait? SOME kind of negative.

ScavengeHunter39's picture

As in cannibalism?

Is that what I think it is?

Pezi's picture

What is/was the purpose of the cryo lab?

In other words, why was the cryo lab so far away from everything? Why was I in it, along with the others around me?
Why were there no scientists around, only a dogman? What happened?

Maklak's picture

To me the biggest mystery is what went wrong and what are those monsters (dogmen and melonheads). Some people in the city should have some answers.

What I would like to know by the end of the game is that is how's the situation outside the area. Are there other cities? Are they better defended and organised?

But those aren't the only questions that come to my head.
Since I only played the deomo, I'm curious about the city and the rest of the map.
Who was PK before the cataclysm and does it even matter anymore? Is his past still important or did he outlive it?
Why is everyone trying to kill me? With combat being so lethal, you'd think people wouldn't be so eager for a fight.
Is DMC in danger? More in-lore than in-game. It seems to be big and well defended enough to repel a swarm of monsters, so it should be OK. I'd worry about supplies though, such as food. Why aren't there military patrols around it?
Is there a brotherhood of steel or an equivalent of bunker-dwellers?
If there are more cities do they compete or fight each other for supplies or do they have too many problems to wage wars?
Are there any wheelbarrows or carts around? That shopping cart is only good for hard surfaces and is horrible in mud or tall grass.
How come they cryo center has electricity?

But overall to me this is a sandbox game about survival and I care more about interface improvements and more stuff than about the story.

MCWarhammer's picture

My biggest questions as a vet:

What happened in the DMC?
Where did all the creatures come from?
What happened to the world/area?
Why is everyone gone?

Spoilertastic questions:

Spoiler: Highlight to view
*Top Question*
How does the DMC still have power and all this food, when food and power is so hard to find outside?
Why are there no farms I can see?

Who is the Hatter?
How long has it been since whatever caused the current state?
Why are there so many looters and no settlements outside the DMC?

BlueKronos's picture

The biggest mystery to me is what are the wolf creatures, are they werewolves? But only slightly less important is why can't I fill my bottles from rivers, lakes and other bodies of water? Yes the water may not be clean, but it's better than dying from dehydration!


Almatarie's picture

I suppose the most obvious question is: What happened?

However, for me, the most pressing question is: Will there be pets?

Skorpid's picture

I just wonder who or what is Merga Wraith. Why it wants to kill Philip Kindred

Genoan's picture

I've played the demo like a year ago, surprised that I didn't make an account here earlier.

What is the purpose of the main character, is he suppose to help rebuild humanity (as part of someones greater plan) or he is just lucky to survive?


etran9e's picture

Jesus! I miss it by 'days!' I had a question same as #13! You know what, this question may be a Cliché like Oldboy(movie)' question, though, it is what we naturally ask, and great thing.

Anyway, there are already too many 'ultimate question's in these comments.
Like, Who am I? Why did this cataclysm occur? etc.

so, I think it will be better to make different viewpoint question.
It's not a ending point thing.
Maybe it sounds a little bit 'minor.'
However our protagonist(perhaps Philip Kindred) will have to follow this question.

As you can see, there are some records came across on console.
And I thought some of them could be considered a very important clue if I were Philip Kindred.

Ok. they are these.

1. Angela Blubber
2. Account #20141117 (this number seems like certain date.)
3. Meyer & Meyer LLP

Who is Angela Blubber?
Who has account #20141117? what is philip's connection to this account?
What is M&M LLP? Is this a corporation? What kind of corporation it is?

and why are these clues associated with Detroit?!

What the hell happened in Detroit?!

Yes. I arrived a kind of 'final question' after all.
This is reason that how important clues above are.

Sorry for too boring comment and my suck english! (I'm not a native english speaker.)

p.s. If I have to select one question, 'What the hell happened in Detroit?' would be the one.

Sense of endings

Sketch Szabo's picture
Sketch Szabo

I'm torn between biggest mystery, and what i want to know most about.
I certainly feel like why I'm in the cryo chamber, who put me in there, why i was let out, what makes me special: that whole storyline thread is a must for what can be answered by playing that game

However, I'm honestly WAY more curious about Dogmen. I've been playing for awhile, and they are the only challenge left in the game for me besides disease. I want to know more about them. Maybe an encounter that somehow tells me their origin, however simple, and lets me in on their behavior (behavior as in game mechanics has been mentioned via forums, but i would be interested in some in-game information)
Are they just mindless killing machines? I wanna figure them out and have some sort of quest where i take out a nest of them. that would be wicked fun for me personally.

Sorry if this is a repeat of anything anyone else has already said. I'm pretty late to the announcement.

dcfedor's picture

Okay, it's 5pm! I'm going to start compiling a list of all commenters here with a timestamp before this message, then begin the drawing.

I'll post news when the winners have been selected!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Pezi's picture

I won! Thank you so much Dan! And a bigger thank you to that anonymous donator who started the raffle!