My eyes are now god like

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My eyes are now god like

Eagle eye, surgery, and both upgrades. It took me forever to do but I can see EVERYTHING. It's pretty awesome. I want to be able to do this with every limb. I would spend hours getting the money together to make me a cyber ninja.



You know that getting the eye augmentation actually takes away eagle eye and you need to get the implants to get it back, right?

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Eye augmentations give Eagle Eye, the telescopic upgrade improves vision further.

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add binoculars and you can see a million miles away


Edit: Got my eyes to godlike, too. <3

I noticed something curious with v.982. I have the implant, and I can use it "Night Vision" while looting houses in the daytime. Is that a bug or is that supposed to be there?

Night vision allows you to see well in low light environments, which includes night time as much as it does any old dingy closet. You can think of it as checking dark nooks and crannies with your light-enhancing vision. It would also help to navigate buildings in general since there isn't any power to light the houses/office buildings/apartments.

In fact, a lot of buildings would just be pitch black once you got past the entryway. I actually hadn't thought of that until just now.

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hence why other light sources give a loot and safety bonus to scavenging

Is there some secret to getting approved for surgery? I've only made it to Haggerty's a couple of times but both times I was told that I didn't pass the screening for eye surgery.

That's odd.

What traits do you have?

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

Both times, same build - Lockpicking, hacking, strong, tough, trapping, botany, ranged. Three disadvantages - myopia, insomniac, and metabolism.

Maybe metabolism is the problem? Insomniac? I would hope that my myopia doesn't disqualify me from myopia treatment.

Have you made a Full Diagnostics after that? I am guessing here, but maybe you were simply sick/poisoned and that disqualified you.

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I did not get a diagnostic at the time and I kicked myself later for not checking to see if a health status was the problem. I bet that's what it was though, because I made it back recently with the same build and had no problem purchasing upgrades.

With Eagle Eye you don't need eye surgery.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool