Universal Batteries

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Universal Batteries

Okay, so it's an indeterminate future where power is at a premium. Things happened that reality has not seen, like laser rifles and a Detroit that would make The Old Man from Robocop proud.

So why not assume that batteries sometime became more universal? Rechargeables are more readily available to people than ever, so maybe someone created a new standardized battery that works for multiple objects: small enough to fit goggles and flashlights and off-brand electronics that use removable batteries. The reasons I have for mentioning this are a few:

1. Cut down on resources. Laptops still use those bulky batteries, but it saves on stuff the game has to account for.
2. It makes sense. The military would want a setup that makes things more foolproof, at least in an ideal scenario.
3. It's happening now. Look at digital cameras, where more powerful models use their own power supply, but mid to low end DSLRs can accept regular batteries or options to accept them. Performance is debatable, but it still is common.
4. You can justify energy transferring better. Say they figured out a way to trickle the energy over in an efficient setup.

Off-topic here, but I am also curious about seeing if batteries can be handled like lighters: at 0% they're dead but still usable. Probably more of a pain to program though, right?

Unfortunately, that doesn't work or we would have done it already. All electrical devices require a certain voltage (speed) and amperage (amount) that can only be supplied by a certain type or number of cells (little batteries). If you tried to connect two or your 'universal' batteries together, they wouldn't do much of anything because they are the same voltage (I assume). If all devices used the same batteries, you'd have MP3 players running on gigantic deep cycle lead acid batteries, or desktop computers running on a @%#* ton of AAs.

...That would be kinda funny actually. :)

Some time ago, I made topic
that discussed electricity and recharagable batteries
I sent this to Dan (main ideas- different battery types and main idea behind electricity)
But I think I didn't mention the math behind "charges" and generation options

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Well, while universal batteries would be problematic - for reasons aforementioned in this thread, according to the latest news we do have a possibility of acquiring portable generators, so the issue for those who couldn't find enough juice for their electronic devices should be mitigated.

That is, as long as they don't mind some radiation-caused skin melting :D

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Mmm. Sounds toasty.

Hey Guys!

Re: battery sizes, that's actually something I gave quite a bit of thought to when I was working on electronics. I purposely wanted to have a really fragmented battery landscape, because I think that's one of the challenges our society would leave behind. I.e. every commercial enterprise tries to create proprietary parts so you have to go to them for replacements, instead of unifying them and making it easier for the consumer.

The result is that we're left with lots of mismatched stuff that we have to puzzle together, leaving us to say, "thanks former first world, for the crappy leftovers." :)

Re: the 0% "dead" battery idea, I'd love to do that, too. I'm not sure if I'll have the time to add that detail, but it's perfectly in-line with the scarcity and junk-harvesting vibe I'm going for!

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