Mechanics and Mythology

I worked on more plot revisions today. I've started filling in the gap that's been plaguing me, though it took most of the day to arrive at something I'm reasonably happy with.

I started the day with a bit more mythology research, and I was happy to discover some interesting parallels between NEO Scavenger's mythology and the common elements in various real-world cultures' mythologies. This gave me a few more ideas on how to proceed, and I now have a slightly better picture of some major players and motives.

I also came to some interesting conclusions about the protagonist, and what motivates him. There might be some interesting opportunities to play with here, including letting the player shape some of Philip's history. I'm also looking into some possible internal conflicts or choices I can face the player with. Maybe there's a way to create an interesting choice in paths to follow.

Today's work also included a few more mechanical (or procedural, as some call it) story bits. There were some areas of the story that felt like weak links, or had poorly-founded science, and I found some better explanations for them. I think that's probably a lot of what causes my writer's block: fear of making something implausible, unsatisfying, or otherwise "wrong" in the players' eyes. I think I tend to be a pretty harsh critic with other writers, so maybe I'm being correspondingly harsh on myself.

At any rate, progress continues, albeit slowly. It does feel good to be tackling the whole picture for once, though. Having the remainder of the story unaddressed for so long was stressful, and it feels good to know there is a direction I can take it now. Just gotta hang in there long enough to patch up the plot holes :)