Bandits and Raiders now fear me...

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Bandits and Raiders now fear me...

I don't know how many in-game days it's been, but it's been so long. Been working my goal to explore and reveal the entire Michigan map, and now, bandits and even raiders run away every time I enter a battle with them. They all fear me, except when they're a team. How come they keep running away? They never did when I first started the game. I'm just asking why.

Could it be that I am some sort of a "legendary rumor?" Nah I don't think so. Dead men tell no tales in the desolate post-apocalypse.

PS: It's also been long that I never encountered any bandits and raiders as a group. But likely I shouldn't because of the "gun + melee combo," but mostly I'll be dead because of the guns.

What gear and traits are you running?

Certain items and traits will cause individuals to flee from you, such as the Strong perk.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

Well, I do have the dogman fur coat. Of course, guns will scare people. But I don't use the strong or tough perk. A rifle is also slung over me, but how are people going to notice that?

That would do it.

Enemies will treat anyone with a dogman fur coat with extreme caution and often simply try to avoid you.

It's why I take strong and trapping for almost every playthrough. :D

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

That reminds me, I wonder how do I tell what they're wearing if they can tell what I'm wearing.

I don't think the NPCs can actually tell. The coat itself places a condition on the player called 'Wearing a Dogman Fur Cloak,' which is probably what the NPCs are reacting to.

We would probably get the same thing if an NPC ever managed to grab one.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

Three things about the character that affect enemy morale are:
- Skills - those that make you look bigger - Strong and Tough > None > Feeble and Fragile
- Weapon you have in hand (Cleaver>Crowbar>Branch)
- Dogman Fur Cloak

The same things affect they relations with one another, as far as I know, so the Looters are basically always afraid of Raiders.

To be fair I am not entirely sure the numbers have anything to do with their morale, as groups of 3+ Looters/Melonheads can be scared away by single, non-weak character with crowbar in hand but without the Cloak.

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Damn it sad that i died of poisoning right after an bandit killed an dogman i would have loved going in scaring the bantid away taking the cloak

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