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Great game

Just wanted to say that.. really hooking and frustrating at the same time.. like old good nethack, one mistake and zip your dead :)

This game is what I dreamed of making when I was a kid.

Please help with the <a href="" title="NEO Scavenger Wiki" target="">NEO Scavenger Wiki</a>!

Keep up the good work! I love this game. Thank you.

Totally love the game and its creator :3


It's good stuff.


Good game, when I finally get somewhere I think I will like it more.  The random part is equally cool and frustrating, good times.

I am totally a different person (totally not markofbear) *changes avatar to one with a moustache* and i also love this game!


Thanks guys! This game is definitely a dream come true for me too! (but you could probably already guess that ;)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Totally love this game! Thank you so much! :)

I really really wanted to like this game. But I don't. I must suck at games because I last about one day and then am killed by either a dude with a cleaver, a dogman or thirst. It's great to die of thirst while rain is pelting down every thirty seconds. I've played it about 20 times and can't make it past 2 days, tops. The best was leaving the cryo facility and immediately being killed by a looter with his fists. I did not even move one hex. Does that seem at all fun in any way? I gave it a good try and am frustrated and bored. Maybe people that play a lot of games know what to do? I have no clue and won't be back. It's a great effort, and I can see it's a labor of love, but for me it was a huge disappointment. I don't even have any constructive advice, it just felt awkward (is that a shed in the woods I see? no, it is not.), frustrating (oh look, I've been crippled 12 seconds after starting to play and I never seem to heal) and confusing (heat stroke you say? no, wait, now I'm hypothermic; it's raining and I'm cold, can I shelter in that building I just looted? no, I cannot.) Best of luck with it, I hope people that enjoy this sort of thing can find it.

Hey andimdone,

Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been on the road a few days.

Thanks for the candid feedback. I think your complaints are understandable. It's a tough game to begin with, in need of balancing and UI polish, but I think that's especially true of the demo. It's been a few months since I've updated it, but I wanted to wait for a few more key features before doing so.

If you were hoping to enjoy the game, and can stomach another try, I'd give it another shot once the demo gets updated. I think many of the rough spots have been smoothed out, and the upcoming combat/wound features address one of the remaining major sore points for players of the beta.

If not, that's understandable, and thanks again for your candor. If nothing else, you've reinforced in me the need to get that demo updated asap!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games