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i think there should be a game idea forum for people to post suggestions for future games by Blue Bottle Games.i realize NEO Scavenger is still in development but its never too early to start thinking of the next great project,right?just a suggestion.

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It is too early when you don't know about said games' features, technical specification and so on. I'd rather wait till we actually have something tangible to post suggestions for instead of jumping the gun.

On one hand, I think it'd be really cool to see what players wish I would make next. I bet there are some ideas I haven't considered, and even for the ones I have, it'd be useful to measure how much interest there is in each possibility.

On the other hand, I have a pretty large (and growing) list of game ideas I want to make some day. I had to stop playing the Game Dev Tycoon demo because every time I did, I'd end up wanting to make each of the games I designed there :)

Gotta finish my homework (i.e. NEO Scavenger) before I can play!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

id like to see an new option for new game in neo scav that makes the game have much less enemys and deer and much smaller chanses of scavenging something useful and no DC where its just some destroyed citys and houses. much harder to get supplies but less other living creatures, maybe call it Apocalypse mode or something because now it doesnt feel like an real apocalypse

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I agree that things like animals are surprisingly plentiful with the exception of dogmen. As for the large amount of people although I am not sure if the numbers should be messed with but it make me wonder, like how did the DMC survive, what kind of apocalypse was this, why are there so many bandits (my theory is either the DMC has a high crime rate, or the DMC doesn't give a crap about their people outside the walls meaning that some citizens think it would be more profitable to loot and kill than to do whatever they do in the DMC)? But none the less there could even be perhaps different game modes to change the scenario?

I liked your idea! It would look really cool


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what, why did it generate so many posts

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Removed your multi-posts. Don't know why this happened though...

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Having been a gamer since before there were internet games I have seen just about every mix of options. With my personal style being that of a crafter/farmer/hoarder, I have a love of bases and houses for storage. I think you might consider allowing the option of allowing a player with the lockpicking and trapping or mechanic skill to lock down one campsite from any of the npcs lacking the ability to get through a locked door. In this way players could have a base of operations and would lend itself to realism as shelter is the second most important survival requirement.
If it were me I would make sure it required at least 2 skills and probably some difficult to acquire resources but I think the players would appreciate the option.
Oh btw I realize you need to get the game working properly before you make any such additions so don't feel like I am pushing, just a thought.

I like the idea of posting THOUGHTS for new games, and a zombie game would be cool, but that would probably be more of an add-on for NS (EX of new game with an add-on, "would you like to use an add-on?"->yes->(Pick add-on)").


This forum turned into a skeleton, or at least died.


If you haven't yet, check out the modding forums. Many of the suggestions here are actually possible via modding, and some folks have already done some amazing things!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

yeah, I saw some awesome stuff there.
But anyhow, it would be cool if some of that stuff was in the game without modding it, just for internet convince (I loss internet a lot).


Guys I love Neo Scavenger concept and I would like to see Zombie Pandemic style,story line came out as new Blue Bottle game ! P.S.

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