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new vehicle

two words:cart sled

1 x shopping cart basket
1 x plastic sled
2 x medium length string(strap or string)

cart sled w/ strap

1 x cart sled
1 x medium length string(strap or string)

whatcha think?it would hold as much as a shopping cart,but not require the mechanic skill to make or effort to find a complete cart!

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But it would be also much heavy making it harder to pull around... try equipping the cart basked in your vehicle slot and watch your encumberance go down by 3/4... pulling it around can't be much better!
Maybe it could work the same way with cardboard boxes, they're lighter and it would also be more balanced: you can craft it without mechanic, but being made of cardboard it would degrade much faster than the shopping cart.


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It would make the Mechanic skill useless.

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I think that's open to debate: in my opinion, having the mechanic skill should allow you to craft the cart(and variants), which is the largest, most durable vehicle available (steel>plastic). Adding a lower-tier variant of the sled shouldn't hurt the game balance-wise ( the "box-sled" could still have less room than the cart, and it should degrade much faster ).

Of course this is thoery. I don't actually know if in the current build the cart is more durable than the sled.


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A sled and a cart are for very different terrain.
A sled is far easier to move over rough terrain than a cart with it's small hard wheels that hang up on every rut and root.
A shopping cart is much more suitable for paved/prepared surfaces where a sled just causes drag.

Unfortunately the game doesn't seem to distinguish terrain yet.