Fixing and Prepping New Build

Hey Folks!

I got back last night, and decided to use today as a bug-fixing day since the latest build still has some bigger issues. For most of the day, I've been addressing bugs reported on the tech support forums, and I think I've got most of the bigger ones solved. E.g. nesting containers, missing pockets, hacking glitches, etc.

There was also another null-pointer bug I found in the discharge code, which likely caused random glitching during longer sessions.

I also made some changes to the hacking encounter on the laptop to make it easier to use. Now, if the laptop lacks sufficient charge to execute a hacking application, it'll let the player know without wasting any charges. I also changed the laptop to be hackable with skill alone, rather than via another unlocked laptop. A lot of players have mentioned that hacking wasn't possible until way in the late game. Rather than adding more unlocked laptops to the game, or more charges, I decided to follow their advice.

I playtested this evening for about an hour, and I think things are running pretty smoothly now. I'll probably test a bit more in the morning, and see about getting a new build uploaded soon after that.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!