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Pistol Holster

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How about drafting in a holster for your pistol? All you need to do is find it in the wild and viola, another inventory space for your character. Likely for pistols only.

Unlikely you can craft it a makeshift holster for pistols. The weight of the pistol would cause it to slip or something.

Could simply be a scavengeable like the backpack. After all if you can find weapons around, the relative accessories shouldn't be that hard to find either (think that rifle straps, optics and such are quite common)


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+1 for OP

Holsters would make looting easier if you find a nice pistol laying around. For example, I had the best drop I had ever found while playing NS. While scavenging an abandoned apartment, I found a perfect condition .45 caliber. No ammo, of course, but I wasn't complaining. Sadly enough, this was during a scav run to get my eyes augmented. I wanted this gun, but I had to choose between my high value loot and this once-in-a-lifetime find. I wasn't going to let this pistol go to waste, so I had to drop about $200 worth of loot to fit it inside my pack. If I had a holster, I would've been rich and heavily armed. I seriously hope this idea gets implemented, Tactical. Crossin' my fingers.


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I proposed this idea few months ago to Dan
The way I proposed it- holsters could be attached to left and right legs (you can carry up to 2 sidearms if you have 2 holsters)
I don't know if this ever will be implemented, but Dan is aware of this

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

Leg holsters would be good, could also allow for a hip holster, utilizing the belt area which could open up perhaps a makeshift utility belt options to allow for holding of four 3x2 items, basically a little more bag space, or a hip holster for holding one handheld firearm.


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I like the belt idea. After all many multitools I have RL include a belt clip to keep up with it. Also the e-med kits for sever allergies and epipens and such. Very small, but just right for small tool or meds.

+1 from me. I was just about to suggest this.

+1 I love the idea. Good luck on getting it in the game!


+1 this idea is great

Yea everyone likes the holster ideas. This will probably happen, and this isn't the first thread about it.

To add a holster, Dan would have to re-do the entire inventory screen and hard-code it in. And since it is not that important, I wouldn't be so sure he will find time for that. That's the reason it was discussed before, it's "easier said than done" kind of thing.

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Even if Dan doesn't do it, odds are good that modders would put it in. It may not be all that important, but it's popular.

Again, I wouldn't count on that. NS is a flash game and unless Dan finds some way to change that, there is not a big chance for any real modding.
One could of course de-compile and re-compile the game somehow and change a thing or two for himself, but remember that uploading the changed version would still be a piracy, giving away the access for the game for free. Maybe some instructions on how to change things yourself, but that kind of things tend to be rather complicated and mistake- and bug-prone, needs special software and are generally above the scope of wider audience, so I wouldn't call it real modding.

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