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To hard

I dont know what you have done since I last played, but now I can never reach the city, I die everytime. There are no items anywhere, no food, no water. And there are always 100s of shotgun armed bandits chasing me from start.

Before I could atleast find food and water in time, but now he dies in just a few turns.

And what is this burden thing?
It loops itself, did not pick up anything for several turns but still my burden increased until I could not move, so I had to drop my slead. And then 10 looters spawned in the same square next to me and stole all my stuff right away.

Its not fun when you cant even try the game before you die.

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Can you be a bit more specific, please. What version you are using now, and which you did used before (changes are usually small and gradual, between each particular build, but if you played like a year ago, many things might be different)?

Before I could atleast find food and water in time, but now he dies in just a few turns.

What do you mean by that? Lack of food and water can kill you, but it should take something like two days (around 50 turns), not just few turns.

Burden shows how much you can carry and it will rise in one of two situations - if you pick up more stuff or when your character gets weaker (by getting dehydrated, starving or badly sick/injured). Maybe your character was wounded and was bleeding out, or he got sick? If not, that's might be a bug.

Also, since build before the last one, enemies do not spawn anymore, they travel around the map just as your character does - so there is no chance of "making" them while scavenging but you need to be more careful about your actions. Cover your tracks, hide yourself and try to not make noise when searching buildings to avoid being overwhelmed by all local bandits and monsters.

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Well, its was a couple months ago perhaps.

The thing is that I dehydrate before I can find a way to make fire to purify the water.
Before I usually found clothes, ligther and backpack within the first 25 turns.

Now I never find all those things. Some rounds I find clothes. Last once I froze to death since I did not find a single piece of clothing and I lost my sleeping bag.

Before I could rush to the city eating and drinking what I found on the way, but now everything is empty and I die on the way.
I'm now forced to use Botany, since i die from starvation otherwise. The last 10 rounds and 100s of turns yeilded me about 10 gellybears, 5 packs of ketchup and 1 cracker.

The only thing I find in a ridiculous abundance are the "vehicles", I usually find about 2-3 shopping carts and 10-15 sleds every game, but I rarely find clothes and food. I'v actually only found the lighter on 6 out of 10 rounds.
The thing I find the most are pebbles and stones.

What I mean is, now I die whatever I do.
If I find clothes I starve or die from poisoned water.
If I find food and a lighter, I die from no clothes.
If I find everything, the bandits show up and shoot me, so I cant carry my stuff and die anyway.

But atleast I understand the burden thing. Which I cannot avoid, since there are no food and water in the beginning.
And I think the spawn system was better, I usually see the looters in groups of 5-10 roaming around, and bandits are usually 2-3. I never see other humans alone now, so I always have to run, since they outnumber me.

Atleast the dogmen are kinda avoidable now.

I could add that I'm using the metabolism trait (the red one) and I always did that before to. Can it be so that it has been "fixed" or so?

No one forces you to rush to DMC on day one. Loot the area around Zom Zom's and don't start your journey before you have some supplies. Use Trapping to make fire and get more food. Surviving with the Metabolism trait and with neither Botany nor Trapping should definitely be hard, otherwise the food skills were worthless.

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OK mate, now we know what's going on :D

First of all, the Metabolism flaw (the red one) is, in my opinion, the hardest one to play with, as it greatly rises the amounts of food and water you need. Other flaws can be, at least to some degree, neutralized (like Insomnia with Sleeping Pills) but with this one you simply need to know how to find double the standard provisions, so you could consider choosing a different one.

Secondly, you are right there is way less "pre-apocalypse" food around (it was kind of silly that world had time to overgrow with forests again, but every second ruin still contained edible food). Now food sources are more sparse but also more diversified - a few scavenge-able crackers packets are still around but there's also herds of deer for players to kill and carve for big amounts of meat (even without Trapping), you can happen upon a dead squirrel from time to time in woods and now, in huts in the woods, a Squirrel Snares can be found even if player does not possess a Trapping skill. Botany is an option too, just as you mentioned. And, in dire times, you can even eat corpses of the fallen enemies. Some players like to stay at ZomZom's (just strait north from Cryo Facility) and eat BBQ served there, although there is a thesis that it is made from killed cage-fighters as well.

Poisoned water - since the last build, the chances of water being contaminated are much lower and even if you get sick there is a chance you'll catch minor stomach inflammation instead of full-blown cholera. So unboiled water is way less scary now :D

With clothes, I must simply disagree with you - there are plenty enough. Of course it might happen that you wont find the whole set in the first few rounds, and with you playing with greater food consumption I can see that being a problem, but if you try a game without rushing forward, and playing it safe and methodical, you will find what you need pretty soon.

Also, you did mentioned your character freezing because you lost your Sleeping Bag. Now loosing essential items is a player's mistake and not the game's difficulty fault. Defend your sleeping bag well! Especially since older builds did not gave a one for free (now you will get the old car with a free Sleeping Bag encounter every game, first time you'll get hypothermia).

Lighters are hard to get, if you need a fire badly, consider taking Trapping - it allows to start fire by rubbing two sticks together over some kindling.

Hope that helps somehow!

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I think he is playing old build. I remember one with huge drop of transport and lack of lighters and food (and left shoes problem). Can you say mate how enemies attack you when you scavenge? If they attack right after the scavenge it is an old build.

In new build you wont be starving because of canibalism... =)

@Cerberon, when you launch the game, which version is listed below the logo on the title screen? The latest demo is currently 0.977d and beta is 0.978b. If you're using an older version, there could be some changes to the game that you're missing.

For instance, in 0.977 and later, dirty water no longer has a 100% chance of cholera. It's still a risk, but most of the time survivable. Botany also has a much better result in scavenging forests than in older builds (e.g. more edible berries, mushrooms, and clean water).

Also, poisoning (as opposed to cholera) comes from berries and mushrooms, not water. So if you're dying of poison, you may want to take botany (to see which berries and mushrooms are safe before eating) or avoid those sources of food. Except blue berries, which are always safe.

Another change which happened recently (0.976) is a free sleeping bag encounter on games that start with really cold weather and few loot drops. Putting this sleeping bag on the ground/camp while ending a turn should help you warm up. It should help you stay warm long enough to find clothes (which should actually be quite common in urban scavenging, provided you're searching apartments and houses, not office buildings and forest shacks).

Food can be hard to source if you're relying on scraps from buildings. If you don't want to take botany, you can also try trapping to craft a squirrel snare, and use that while scavenging forests. Squirrel meat is small, but at least easy for trappers to find. Some players have even taken to hunting and eating larger prey (deer, and even humanoids). And in a pinch, you can always get "free" food at Zom Zom's.

And lastly, if you're having trouble with difficulty, I'd stay away from the red traits during skill selection. Red metabolism is a serious challenge, as are fragile, feeble, and insomnia. Myopia is less difficult, but makes it harder to avoid NPCs until you get better optical tools.

NEO Scavenger still needs balancing, I'll admit. That's something I'll continue to work on in the next few months. However, there are definitely several tricks you can learn to increase survival rates.

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Its one of the newer builds, but all my stats drop much faster than I was used to.
I managed to get to the city and hack me some gear now, but still low on food.

Its just so scarce with items now. Before I could find stuff almost always, and now I find items in perhaps 1 out of 10 houses, and thats usually the same junk, rarely clothes and food.

Okey, now I starved to death again. I found 1 food item in 40 turns, not a single forest that I could scavenge with botany.
Even if I found one or two forests with edibles, I need to eat about 50 berries to get any change in my starvation meter.

So where do I get food? What is the skill I must use, since botany wont yield enough food to eat. And the market only has poison berrys to sell. I have still not fund any food while scavenging, so that must mean that you have no choice but to chose hunting.

That mean like 1 skill less to chose.

In my reply four posts up I did mentioned those food problems, but to recap and elaborate here's the list.

What you can do (and should mix-match most methods, for greatest chance of success):

- hunt deer - don't need skills to do that (fighting skills do help but are not necessary) and one deer corpse will feed you for 2 days easily - curing meat with Trapping will preserve meat for even longer;
- continue to loot ruins for food - you won't survive on this alone, but it always helps;
- find dead squirrels sometimes;
- sometimes find Squirrel Snares already made - can then hunt squirrel without skill;
- kill people for their stuff - they usually carry at least something edible;
- buy at market (stock changes every day at midnight, big chunks of cured meat do happen there too);
- gather and sell stuff to exchange money for nutrition and hydration therapy (fills hunger/hydration to max, costs around $350) inside DMC clinic <-- my personal way to go most of the time;
- eat in DMC diner ($20-$30 per meal);
- you can eat at ZomZom's (if you don't mind a dead gladiator after-taste);
- find berries lying around (without any skill - risk of poison);
- find berries/mushrooms (with Botany);
- eat human/monster corpses - for those who like to kill;
- find corpses to eat - in places where territories of two groups of NPCs usually collide;

What you should not do:

- rush to DMC - take your time and gear up first, anyone can make spear and sling to hunt/kill;
- take Metabolism flaw - it almost doubles the amount of food/water you'll need. It is the hardest flaw to overcome and basically = hardcore mode;

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What version do you play?! (numbers) If you wont say this we cant help you!

Sorry for sounding whiny, but I just enjoy the game that much I guess.
Pisses me off when I have restart.

Problems are gone when I got my eye augmentations, now I find tons of stuff everywhere.
Ty for the tips about hunting, I guess I was just so used to scavenging being the only way to get food.

Running 0.977b now.

Edit: Gotta add, amazing support here. I kinda posted in rage not really expecting this commitment to help me.
The friendliness of this community and its helpful mods, and even the dev himself, is just amazing.

Regardless of my problems and what not, I am humbled and I feel a bit guilty for taking up the time and energy of such dedicated people. Even though my posts were short and unprecise, I got amazing tips, suggestions and helpful information.

The response to my problem here, easily rivals the support quality of the "AAA" companies. And most others, its dedication like this that makes you wanna play the game even more, not just because its an awesome game, but because someone really tries to make just that.

Best Regards

Don't worry, asking polite questions is not considered whining around here :D NeoScavenger is in fact a rather hard game to learn (or like the Internet like to name it those days "it has a very steep learning curve"). We all had to learn this by trail and error and are more than happy to share our experience with help others.

Just remember, to always tell what version you are having problem with, as there were few builds that had some serious bugs before and knowing that will help to pin-point the problem (and possibly crush the bug in the process).

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Hey man I am glad your enjoying NS too. Its awesome and the community is also awesome never resist the urge to ask a question.

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I finf the red metabolism one of the easiest especialy if you know youre going to fight bandits and raiders then you heal faster and after you killed em you can get the food you need to survive and heal basicly red metabolism seems like an fighters skill.

PS: i like hardcore mode and i would even hunt down an bandit/raider even if they only took my spare sleeping bag or my almost emty shopping cart with only 2-3 squirell corpses.

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