I'm getting ready to wrap-up the next build, so today was more bug-fixing and tweaking. There were still some things worth fixing before sending it out into the wild, though.

One such change was a tweak to the encumbrance limits when dehydrated, starved, feeble, and blood-let. Any two or more of these conditions at once would cause the player to be saddled with a 0 weight limit. Since that effectively paralyzed the player, I decided to adjust those penalties slightly such that two or less still allows movement with a minor load. Now, starving feeble players can still walk with clothes and a choice few items, but characters who are starving, feeble, and dehydrated can't.

There was another null-pointer bug which popped up during combat today. This one was when trying to access the current attack mode of an AI creature when that attack mode is no longer there. It was an uncommon bug, but since I was able to see it happen, it wasn't too hard to fix.

I also fixed the issue where clicking on the crafting screen button would sometimes pick up the item under the cursor once that screen fully loaded. This actually happened on all screens, but crafting was the most common. The mouse states are now cleared between screens, so that should no longer happen.

I also made a few more tweaks for balance and usability.

The battle screen's "previous move" icons now have tooltips, to help players identify what the move did. I also made some changes to the way AI loots the hex when the player is asleep. Now, each item taken has a chance to wake the player, and if it does, the looting stops, and the player is warned in the message box. Battle should commence in these cases.

The sling now only accepts pebbles and stones, instead of any 1x1 or 1x2 object, since it only has attack modes defined for those two ammo types.

I also decided to make a long-intended water change. Contaminated water no longer causes cholera 100% of the time. Instead, it's now fine to drink most of the time, with a moderate chance of gastroenteritis, and a small chance of cholera. This is a bit more realistic, and forgiving. It's still important to boil water (i.e. gastroenteritis is no walk in the park), but should be less of a guaranteed death sentence.

Finally, some more ingredient nomenclature was changed to match terminology used in other ingredients.

I think we're getting there. I'll be giving the build another test run tomorrow morning, and if all looks clear, I think I'll try publishing a new build. Between the hardware/hacking update and all the fixes and tweaks, it should be a pretty good upgrade from 0.976b.

Hope everyone has a good night!


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Very excited to use an iSlab.

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Looking good, can't wait to try it out. I've been waiting for some good uses for other skills. Hacking should be fun.