Now that's customer service . . . isn't it?

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Now that's customer service . . . isn't it?

I've bought a lot of games online.   Never once have I received a cold call about if everything went well.   Is this standard practice for Blue Bottle Games?  

could you please evolve whats the problem, cant you log in or play the game or what is your problem? :)


No problems, just curiosity.  Got a call today asking about my purchase of the game.  Could just be friendly concern on the part of the developer.  Could be fishing to see if the number I used is live.   Trying to discern which it is. 

Well are you sure that it was from him? Couldnt it been paypal or the likes? Ive personally got an email from paypal once asking what was wrong with my card as i use an internet card wich only is "live" for about one month before getting deleted.


Part of asking is not being sure.It wasn't Paypal.  Guess we'll know for sure when he reads this and says, "yeah it was me!  by the way, you're kind of a jerk to folks that call you from blocked numbers."  And I'll be all, "cool, man.  You just caught a brother off guard."Of course, the flip side is that he'll say, "Naw, man, I've been so busy kissing post cards that I can't be dialing up everyone who bought the game this past week."  In that case, what we have is a little bit of a security issue.   I've already made the appropriate adjustments on my end, but other folks willing to fund the development might want to know.Though, on the side, I do appreciate your mod trouble-shooting attempts.  Not trying to shoot that down or anything.  

Hi LostOutrider!It's not standard practice for Blue Bottle Games, but I'll email the payment processor (FastSpring) to see if they do anything like that.Would you mind sharing some more detail on the nature of the call over email? E.g. if you can recall the phone number, whether they identified themselves or not, when the call occurred, etc.The best guess I have at the moment is like Markofbear says: it could be Paypal or Fastspring calling to verify the order went ok. While I don't deal directly with Paypal, if Fastspring has any news on the matter, I'll let you know!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Groovy.   Came from a blocked number.  Guy asked me by name.  I responded by telling him to ID himself - cause I'm socially deficient like that.  For all I know, could've been a Dogman.  He gave me his name (Mark? Johnson) and said he was calling to see how I liked Scavenger.  I answered with, "What?" and he furthered, "Neo Scavenger.  You just purchased it.  Any problems with it?" "Um. . no.  Great game, lots of fun.  Anything else I can help you with?"   He said no, ended the call.   So then I changed my Paypal password and decided to visit with you guys.

Aaah yes, this is usuall when it comes to new indie games, if i rember correctly Project Zomboid has had the same problem, as the indie scene is booming different paypal (or whatever you like to call them) has had problems with these as you actually not purchasing a product but an "unfinished" product wich has started major scam sites on the internet, their rules havent just had the time to change with the times therefor there is a "grey" zone if you can buy unfinished products or not with different pay-over-the-internet companies... So i would just guess that they checked up if this indie game is a scam or not, wich it isnt :) And i can also show you some news headlines where they talk about project zomboids problems with it, happily enough its all fixed now :)


So I heard back from FastSpring. They confirmed that they do a few random confirmation calls directly to customers to ensure everything worked ok. They do this after a new business partners with them, to verify that everything is legit and hooked up correctly in the order process.Just to be safe, I've asked them about the agent's name you provided, in case that raises any red flags. And I've also suggested that they identify their organization name and agent name as part of the phone script. Hopefully, that should reduce confusion in the future.Thanks for your patience in the matter, and sorry for the disturbance!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Nothing to apologize for.  Glad it is legit. 

If you loathe the telephone as much as I do, you'll understand the apology's sentiment ;)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Love how the thread about how worried someone is over a spam call gets two spam messages.


I forgot the e in my name cause I am stupid!

Im sorry for not geting rid of those some of them were leaning towards actually thinking about the tread but I apolgaize for not delete the spam sooner.

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