First run into Merga Wraith

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First run into Merga Wraith

I started a new character and gave him melee. I thought to myself "right, first thing is first, let's make a spear". So I found some glass but no string. I ended up using my necklace/amulet to make the broadspear. I hadn't read about Merga Wraith yet and so you can imagine my surprise when he showed up to kill me. Because I had the spear and was strong, tough and had melee I thought I could take him. Turns out I couldn't.
So I restarted my character thinking "well that was odd, must be a random occurrence." This time I had two spears. The second one I had to use the necklace again. Of course, right when I made it there pops out Merga Wraith. This time I just bolt and retreat successfully. As I retreat away a few hexes I see Merga Wraith if following me. He catches up. This time I throw one of my two spears. Hits him but does no damage. So I start to flee but I fall down and get killed.
I thought to myself "Well f* this noise. I guess the game can't deal with me having a spear so early in the game and so it sends Merga Wraith after me for being awesome." So I created a new character, with hide, botany, mechanic and medicine. I make a sharpened spear. "Ok, good, no Merga Wraith." At night I get hit by a bandit with a gun. In the scuffle I get shot but I escape. But I'm bleeding a lot (luckily I had some bandages from the cyro crib). I hide to rest up but another bandit finds me. I fall over trying to get away and the bandit catches up. Gives me severe pain and a concussion. I stab him with the spear and it falls apart so I give up. Now I'm bleeding heavily and almost dead, with no clothes, weapons, water or food. But because I gave my necklace to the bandit who shows up to brighten my day? Muther F8cking Merga Wraith, who proceeded to grasp my brains out.
After that I got on the wiki to see what this thing was. And yes, I felt dumb when I realized just why he comes after you.

Just out of interest: What was your first run into Merga Wraith? Did you know about him beforehand?

I heard whisperings about him during my first trip to the forums, but I'd gone a good three or four weeks without running into him without the warning. I tend to get attached to unique items in video games so I sort of just held onto it. Same thing with the hospital band.

To give you an idea of what I mean by 'attached,' I got cocky in a fight once and lost my clothes, the unique item given out by Radiation Bob, and my weapons (although they left my Dogman fur cloak and clown mask, which I found odd). I got pissed about it and started searching around for the bandits that had knocked me out without waiting any time to heal. I found the guy that got my clothes and guns and killed him with my bare hands.

It was a good feeling, although I never did find Bob's present on that character.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

Same here oOm. I never even considered taking the necklace off. i felt it was special and that it might pertain to regaining Phillips memories of the past. Also it was like 100 dollars so if anything i would sell it XD so instead of having it take up space i just decided that having it on my neck was convient.

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