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Unable to load game

I've saved a game that I am unable to load. Everything appears to load ok but the interface is all greyed out barring the message/status panel at the bottom.Browser is Chrome, OS is Windows 7, Flash version is me know if I can help further, I could provide the save game files if you can tell me where I would find them.

I get the same every time I try in firefox, win7

almost same here, except when i try to load i get a bunch of bugs. 1st: Savegame is not the latest, it is actually 1 hour to the past from the time i saved last time (i.e. i saved after i delivered an urn to hatter, rolled around for a while, saved, then quit, reloaded- and voila - i'm near haunted house w/o urn)2nd - half of my items are outside backpack, where i can't reach em

Ok, I've noted these issues, and I'll see if I can find the causes. No need to send me save files just yet, but if I can't reproduce the issue, I may ask for one.Thanks for the heads-up, and for your patience!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Update: Now loading does not work at all. Is save game bound to Ip or mac of Pc?

Saving and loading had been working fine for me, until today. I have the same effect that someone else listed, blacked out screen, game unplayable. I hope this can be fixed and our saves restored? I understand this is beta and there will be problems...but I got really far. Are the saves in a certain folder where we can access them? That would also help.

Hm, that's weird. I didn't upload any new builds last night, but maybe the load/save feature only worked while you had a session open. E.g. when you closed the browser, the save game disappeared. Is it possible your browser is set to delete cookies after closing? It could also be a bug, for sure, but cookie settings might explain why the saves appeared to work at first, but failed later.If you want to see if there is a save file, the game uses Flash's SharedObject tool. This basically saves a cookie in a special Flash folder on your machine. It's different for each OS:on a Windows XP PC:C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\<random string>\bluebottlegames.com\main\sites\all\themes\genesis_bbg\includes\neoscavenger\NEOScavenger.swf\nsSGv1.solon a Windows 7 PC they are stored here:C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\<random string>\bluebottlegames.com\main\sites\all\themes\genesis_bbg\includes\neoscavenger\NEOScavenger.swf\nsSGv1.soland on a Mac they can be found here:Macintosh HD:Users:<username>:Library:Preferences:Macromedia:Flash Player:#SharedObjects:<random string>:bluebottlegames.com:main:sites:all:themes:genesis_bbg:includes:neoscavenger:NEOScavenger.swf\nsSGv1.solIt shouldn't matter which IP or MAC address your computer has. At least, I don't think so. The username would matter, if you've logged into the machine as a different user. Other than that, I'm not sure, but I'll look into it.Sorry for the inconvenience!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Well, i'll try to provide as much info as i can. I got a notebook, HP pavilion, which i take with me everywhere. At home i connect to the internet through wireless connection, and at work i use wired one, thats why i thought that mac adress or ip might be the case. I use Coolnovo, thats chrome-based browser, and no, i' m not restarting my machine every now and then. In fact i just put it to hibernation mode, and go home, or same and go to work, so it's same machine every time. Everything is ok with cookies, i don't need to relog, still sometimes savegames just dissapear, or not the lates ones. Her's how i think you can reproduce the 'savegame dissapeared' bug in my case. Connect to inetrnet through wire, log in, open the game, play a bit, save, quit. Then , put your pc to hibernation, and unplug wire, wake it up, so it will use wireless connection- and voila- savegame dissapeared. Works every time.

I don't have the bluebottlegames.com folder. Is this because I downloaded it from Desura? And if that is the case, is there a way to download/play it from the website using my current licence?

Hey wuliman,

The Desura version should also have save game capability, though the folder may be in a different place. Does your SharedObjects folder include a folder named "localhost"? Inside that folder, Flash stores cookies for games and apps that are run from your local machine.

So if Desura installed NEO Scavenger in c:\games\NEO Scavenger, you would see:
...\#SharedObjects\<random string>\localhost\games\NEO Scavenger\

As for cross-play from Desura to BlueBottleGames.com, it isn't working yet, but I think there's a way to make that happen. I plan to set it up once I get the chance.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Awesome, that did it. Found it right away.

I've tried to reproduce with a new game and everything works, although I do see a time lapse every time I do a save and then a load. So perhaps its some action performed by the player that breaks it.

It looks like the game restarts the game when you get the loading bug. If you get the black screen after loading, you can still see your status on the left, money, movement points etc. and they are as if you have started a new game with no extra abilities. Hit esc and save your game. Then load it again. You will find that the game starts anew right outside the Cryogenic Facility.

Just a quick update on this: I looked in the folder that keeps the save file, and mine is in there. So I'm thinking it's either a bug, or the game is not being allowed to access that folder/file for some reason. I tried moving the save file, loading, moving the file back, then reloading the browser,  and then loading again. Still just a dark screen. Any suggestions? Hoped this help a bit in finding the bug?EDIT: Alright, I tried this too. Moved save file to safe location, started new game, saved. I could load that new saved game no problem. Exited game, overwrote new save with older one, reloaded page, loaded game... dark screen. So I'm guessing the save file itself is corrupted in some way, or just downright unplayable. EDIT2: (Sorry for all of the edits) I went to another computer, started a new game, got a bit farther, then saved. Copied that save onto a flash drive and brought it home. Pasted it over the old save file on my computer, and loaded it up. Works! So...I'm not sure what this means. Anybody understand that? 

You got chrome as well? I've decided to make some tests yesterday, and i guess it's somehow tied to built-in Flash module. Say, in your 'edit2' you mentioned that you went to another computer...What browser is there on working one?

Ah, we could be getting somewhere. I use chrome here, and now that you mentioned it, that other computer used Firefox. Could Chrome be what is effecting the files?

Yes, definetly. By default, Flash plugin for Chrome is actually built in and it's chrome developers that decide how it will be working, how it will store, and when it needs to be updated. Now it's up to our almighty Dev's how to solve this riddle. For now i'm switching to FF :)Also: Question to Dev's. Could this game be switched to have it's 'client' (basically it's just a browser, with only functionality to play tied flash. Examples: Early Runescape 'client', steam store client, etc)

I'm willing to bet a downloadable client will be made available eventually.

Hey Guys!This is good info, thanks. I don't know for sure the cause of the issue, but more information definitely helps. It's interesting that you're encountering this in Chrome, as that's the browser I mainly use here. But it might be worth looking into Chrome's settings, so I'll keep that in [email protected]: Have you seen any new save games fail since the new build? It sounds like the old save game might be corrupted, if all new save games are working. Also, what is the file size of the old, broken save game? Was it a save game with a lot of progress? (e.g. lots of items in inventory, or lots of map explored)The "black screen with message window" sounds like an empty or missing save file. The new build I uploaded yesterday (0.923b) should tell you if the save game is missing/empty when you click the "Load" button. If it still tries to load the file, but you get a black screen, there may be a different [email protected]: Lol, I'm lucky if my laptop wakes up from hibernate mode :) Half of the time, it stays hibernating and I have to hard-reset. The one time I was able to make it work, it seemed to load the game ok, though. Can you try saving a game with both the pre-hibernate wired laptop and the post-hibernate wireless please? I'm curious if the same save game file is updated in each case, or if Flash is saving two different save game files in different locations.Oh, and a downloadable client is definitely on my list. I like what the Amanita Design team did with Machinarium, and I will try to do the same once the game is closer to finished.Thanks for all the info!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Hm, the bug seems to be more than just a Chrome-related thing. I just came back from running some errants and woke up my machine from standby, opened my Browser (Win 7, FF, beta) and tried to reload the game I played earlier - clicking the load button didn't do anything, seems like the game is lost? I did not delete any cookies or similar things.EDIT: Just checked, there is a file called "nsSGv1.sol" (62,5 kB) in the appropriate folder, so the savegame exists, I guess?

@dcfedor Alright, here's some more information. I'll try to categorize it somewhat.Older file saved on different computer in Firefox: Loads fine, completely playable. Saved it in Chrome on my computer, quit, and loaded up. Works fine.Newer-ish file saved originally on other computer in Firefox, but most recent save was at home in Chrome: Loaded up fine, completely playable. Saved it in Chrome on my computer, quit, and loaded. Dark screen.Other info: File that works, is savable and loadable is 9.98 KB. File that loads but cannot be saved is 35.1, already accepted Hatter's quest. My original save that I was sad about is gone... I must have accidently Ctrl+X'd it when testing files and it is gone. But I know it was more than 20-25 KB. Oh, and with all of these saves, there is no message about missing save files, just a dark screen.New Save file, just started and saved right now: Started game, ran around a bit, picked up some items. Saved, quit, load, works. Save, quit, exit page, reload site, load, works. Deleted file from save directory, so there is no save file at all, "No save data found." So, that works.Hope this helped! If you need more testing, just talk to me.

After a bunch of investigation and bug fixing, I expect that many old save games have corrupt data in them. Especially bad condition and item placements, as mentioned in today's news post. So you might be better off trying new games.That said, I managed to find a couple bugs which caused black-screen loading issues, and fixed those. They were usually caused by the game trying to reference a bad ID for a creature or condition (i.e. pointing at something that doesn't exist), and the game would just give up, resulting in nothing loading. You could *try* loading old games to see if they work now, though as I said above, you'll probably run into some weirdness with status and item data.Let me know if the new build improves things or not. Thanks!</div>

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

So far, everything looks great! I was able to reload one of my old saves into the new build, but some of the stats seem to be off, which is to be expected I suppose? As in, whenever I eat, none of my stats go up at all. But since it is an old save, I render it obsolete. I started a new one and all saving/loading aspects work seamlessly so far. So I guess I'll just start fresh!! Will update here if I notice anything else.

This is happening again (game loads, but black screen: can kind of make things out behind the darkness, sound works, can't click on anything). I think it's only since yesterday's build...? But I'm honestly not 100% sure about that. Just recently got the game, and I was dying and restarting a lot before I started getting the hang of things, so it's possible I didn't try saving and loading before yesterday. I think I have, though...

Playing through Firefox, Windows 7 64bit, Beta.

After a bunch of investigation and bug fixing, I expect that many old save games have corrupt data in them. Especially bad condition and item placements, as mentioned in today's news post. So you might be better off trying new games.
That said, I managed to find a couple bugs which caused black-screen loading issues, and fixed those. They were usually caused by the game trying to reference a bad ID for a creature or condition (i.e. pointing at something that doesn't exist), and the game would just give up, resulting in nothing loading.

Perhaps all this is related to the issue with Night Vision? I don't know how all this works, but taking a wild guess, is it possible that Night Vision still being a selectable skill, but one that doesn't work, causes said "bad conditions/bad ID"? This would basically corrupt any new game upon creation.

The problem with this theory is that the game -does- load, it's just inaccessible. The black screen itself is like a filter superimposed over the game itself, which is playing in the background.

It might be worth noting that I installed a Flash update recently (yesterday? the day before? I forget...). Doubt that's anything to do with it, but figured I'd mention it.

I first notice the load bug yesterday (the 19th) when I tried to load my game from the night before (started playing/got the game the 18th). Checking out News, I noticed there was a new build, so I simply assumed that the save file from the last build was incompatible. I tried a few new games yesterday after this, though, and have encountered the load bug each time I dared try.

The black screen comes up on load regardless of what I do. I've tried reloading a game right after saving it, I've tried reloading a game after refreshing the page (and letting the game itself re-load), I've tried loading a game after restarting Firefox, and restarting the computer. I've tried deleting my game from appdata, starting fresh and seeing if that helped: no dice, still the same problem. I've tried loading a fair few times with various new games since yesterday, and the outcome is always the same.

If there's any specific info I've failed to mention here which you think might help figure this out, please ask.

Hm, it sounds like the loading fails for the reason you're guessing: bad ID or other null data issue. My first guess is that your build is cached, and out of date. If you see "Night Vision" at all, it's the wrong build, as that skill is hidden/shown at game start based on code in the build.

To help debug the issue, I've uploaded a new build just now with the version number set to 0.931b. It's identical to last night's build, except the version number, but hopefully that will make it more obvious which build we're seeing.

Give it a shot, and let me know if the new build is still showing Night Vision, and whether it loads now or not. Thanks for the detailed info!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

It worked! Thank you!

Well, kind of worked...

I'm not seeing Night Vision as a skill anymore, and I can save & load properly, but the version's still showing up as 0.930b. Given that things are working properly now, though, that's hardly important.

I went here and deleted everything. At first only Blue Bottle Games, but when I loaded the game, I was still seeing 0.930b, so I deleted all the other sites as well. Still seeing 0.930b after that, I tried actually playing (instead of just loading the game's main menu), and realized that the issues were fixed.

Is there another way of deleting Flash cache? Any idea why the version's not showing as 0.931b?

That's a relief to hear! Caching is a much simpler issue to deal with :)

The settings webpage you link to is for Flash's cookie-type data, which is mainly used by NEO Scavenger for save game data and volume preferences. Clearing that will affect your save game, but not the build.

The build itself is a swf file, which would be cached by your browser the same way websites are cached. Each browser's different but clearing the cache should force the browser to reload the webpage plus swf file, getting the latest version.

Using Chrome, I can usually force the page to refresh using shift+F5 to reload the page a few times. Other browsers may have similar "force reload" functionality, but the cache-clearing steps in the link above should work too.

Let me know if the above works for you, and thanks for the update!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Oh, no, all I had to do was hit F5... yes, that worked, now I see 0.931b. Guess I deleted all my flash cookies for nothing, then. Hope there wasn't anything important. lol

Then again, Neo Scavenger working properly trumps whatever I might have just deleted, so, no worries. And good to know about browser cache and swfs, I assumed (silly me) that I had to go into Flash settings.

Thank you!

TL;DR if someone's having the "black screen on load" issue = try hitting F5.