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skills idea

with the new hacking and eventual improvement of other skills,i think you should be able to aquire or use skills despite not having said skill.for example,you can learn to rewire(electrician),build(mechanic),hack(hacking duh),etc at DMC(for a price of course),or learn tracking,trapping,botany,etc from friendly,nomadic NPC's during encounters.these newly aquired skills could replace other skills already recieved,or not be able to do as much as with the skills.

just an idea.please consider and thanks for reading!;)

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I think implementing a sort of "Learning" system into this game would make it that much better. The perk should read "Amateur *Skill*" and it shouldnt be effective as having the skill right off the bat but maybe over time, you could encounter rare wise men that teach you the next tier of the skill. "Intermediate *Skill*" then around late mid-game, youd meet even wiser people to teach you the entire thing. Making it just "*Skill*"

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With all the stuff that you’ll eventually be able to do in the game having a permanently limited number of skills feels like playing the game with one hand behind your back, and I know that I love being able to max out nearly all of the skills in fallout new vegas, and demolishing everything that DARES to get in my path! This experience tells me that unless the game obstacles increase in difficulty along with your abilities, then you could become overpowered in a game that’s supposed to be about struggle, the search for that last bottle of purified water, or the narrow escape from packs of Dogmen, only to find that awaiting you was a band of raiders in ambush. If you eventually got a character that was able to do everything, he would need an enemy or obstacle of equal or greater strength to keep him in check and keep the survival thrill going. I like the idea of being able to add more skills over time, there just would have to be a system to prevent the player from being overpowered. Maybe each skill would come with negatives, like learning melee would result in more melee skilled enemies or challengers looking to best you in combat, while learning the hacking skill would result in other hackers trying to hack your equipment.

Fallout 3 XD you could literally make a god character. yea i like that idea of enemies adapting to your strengths.

If you love a flower, do not pick it up. For if you do, it will die and cease to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is about appreciation, not possesion.

Well, to be fair Dogmen (especially in group) can pretty much rip in half even strong and tough martial expert armed with cleaver, so I don't think that learning all the skills will somehow make your character overpowered.

But adapting enemies is a neat idea
But not for every encounter (what average bandit would keep profile on you?)
Maybe reserve such enemies to those encounters when someone is sending assassins after you
For example If you are martial expert that prefers melee, enemies will keep their distance and use ranged weapons
But if you are marksman, then enemies will close in.
And the more skill you have and better weapons/armor, the bigger is the group that goes after you.

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

We already had discussion about both learnable skills and different levels of aptitude. In regards to the first one, some skills/traits could be possibly acquired or at least compensated with something else (thus, the eye augmentation). Not all of them would be reasonably achievable as many are innate traits, not something learnable - at least not without many years of accustoming the body to certain way of being (or putting in even more implants, which would be somewhat cheap way of taking care of all the flaws balancing the character).

Now, as far as levels of skills go. There are issues with that. First, balance-wise. The game was never meant to allow character to become godlike, master of all skills. A game where you are to scavenge, which is a story of regular guy's survival and adaptation to the new, dangerous world turned into do-it-all? That itself would be plain bad and when you'd have to add some sort of horrible level-scaling for compensation, it'd be even worse. Suddenly enemies becoming better equipped and coming in bigger groups because I've learned how to fix a diesel engine? I wouldn't like to play such a game. The idea is that the character has both flaws and some advantages per player's choice and now he has to do his best with what's there.

As Dcfedor mentioned in the previous discussion, it would also require certain rewrites of the code. Right now game approaches things in binary manner - you can do this or not. You have a skill, ergo ability to solve some situation through the use of it - or not. If for some reason we'd have levels of skills, we'd need total game rewrite when it comes to events, fighting, balance of loot, recipes. Even if levels of aptitude could be added in satisfactionary manner, we're quite possibly looking at months of either lack of new version or very broken, unbalanced game. Months that could be used instead for implementation of new skills, events, mechanics and items and generally - pushing the game toward being fully finished product offering long time of fun.

So, I am not overly sure about that idea. On one hand, yes, I'd like a character to be able to get some basics of skills I didn't choose in the beginning, to allow me more choices and goals, on the other - being unable to do much and having to get by what you can do is a great way of establishing 'this is about your survival, not camping where you can be confident in every situation' theme. Changing it would come at some price and I am not sure if it's plain worth it.

hmm now that you mention it, i would prefer to not have an op learning system. making a character thats only good at a few things is fun.

If you love a flower, do not pick it up. For if you do, it will die and cease to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is about appreciation, not possesion.

Maybe add a way to chalenge people and gain cash on it

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