Diary of the Wastes

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Diary of the Wastes

So I recently started a new game with the intention of keeping an in-character diary of events unfolding, since there is a lot of emergent story possibilities within Neo Scavenger. This is it so far:

Dawn, day 1

So I just woke up. I have no idea where I am. After regaining my senses and dragging myself off of the cold floor, I saw a large frozen pod, empty, and two alongside it with sleeping people in them. But my pondering was abruptly ended by the sound of something running this way. The sound of air rustling through heavy fur, and claws scraping along the hard floor grew ever louder. I only had time to assume a defensive position as the largest beast I've ever seen burst into the room. I had a brief tussle with the thing, getting a few cuts and bruises but I managed to put it down. After taking a look outside, nothing makes sense or seems familiar. There are no nearby identifiable landmarks just nature and lots of it.

The cold morning breeze between my buttocks was quick to remind me of my only clothes being this blasted hospital gown. And not far from here I can see what looks to be a settlement; maybe they have some spare clothes.

Dawn, day 1

I got a surprise upon entering this settlement, namely that it isn't a settlement. All over are thrash and broken buildings, and not a single person in sight. After wandering around for some hours I found a small, seemingly untouched, storage shed I decided to venture into. Inside I found exactly what I was looking for: warm clothes. Considering how few people I've seen so far, I better get accustomed to sorting things out on my own.

Contents of shed:
A decent pocket-knife, took it.
A rusty crowbar, took it.
A pair of boots, took them.
2 pairs of jeans, t-shirts and hoodies, took one set.
A storage box with old bottles and plastic wrap, left it.
A bullet of unknown type, took it, just in case.

After suiting up, putting the pocket knife in my pocket and grabbing the crowbar I took another look at the contents. I decided to tear up the remaining clothes and tie them into a rough rope. I went back to what turned out to be a Cryo Facility figuring I'd at the very least butcher the corpse and bring what I could.

Day, day 1

The butchering were long and hard work, but I managed to fashion a nice fur coat out of the thing. And now I have more than plenty slabs of meat. I took to the nearby forest in search of wood, that I might cook this meat before it got spoiled. Wood was aplenty and quickly I got a campfire lit, the smell of roasted meat rose through the forest and I ate like a king, with plenty to spare. With the sun properly raised I could now see my surroundings more clearly, and more importantly what seemed to be a human silhouette in the distance.
A large scruffy fellow approached me as I looked warily at him. Seeing a certain greedy look in his eyes I rose up and yelled at him, crowbar in hand. He stalked off again. It weren't what I had expected for my first reencounter with humanity, but there must be people like me around here as well.

Day, day 1

Knowing I was on his, and potentially his mates' radar, I decided to quench my campfire and move on my way through the forest. On the eastern end of the forest was a grassy ridge. I climbed up to get a look of my surroundings:

In front of me was a wealth of grass, with a few humanoid silhouettes prowling about here and there. To my left, deeper inside the forest, I could spot a shack tucked away between the trees. And beyond the plains were another small collection of buildings. For now I will return to the woods and make my way towards the shack, potential threats should be easier to loose in the woods, and I'd prefer not drawing too much attention just yet.

Day, day 1

It turns out my instincts were right, inside the woods I spot the fellow from earlier as well as two of his pals. Unfortunately they all spot me too, and I could see at least one gleaming blade amongst them.

I decide to leg it. After running for several minutes I had lost two of them, with one still in pursuit. I unfortunately got backed into a corner, but the fool giving chase fell flat on his arse, realising his vulnerability and lack of reinforcement he scampered to his feet and fled the moment I took a determined step towards him.

I spend a little time trying to get my bearings, where in the forest was I? And in which direction were the shed, the plains or the cryo facility?

Day, day 1

I did manage to find my way, and spot the shed after some wandering about. But the shed turned out to be locked. While I could try to get inside subtly, I found the crowbar to be a much more welcome solution.

It looked like it is a storage shed for some long gone camping site. There were a lot of spare clothes, a decent lighter and a wrench lying about. Only the lighter seemed like a welcome item right now.

Unfortunately I could hear footsteps outside. It was two of my previous pursuers. I met them with my gaze, both of them laughing over-comfortably between shouting obscenities at me.

I snapped, in a mix of exhaustion and frustration of being hunted like an animal, instincts set in. I swung out with my crowbar and struck true on the one with the knife. The utter coward, the other one were, turned tail yet again.

I... I murdered him. He tried to kill me, but I murdered him. And now I stand here in the forest like some sort of blood-covered crowbar-wielding psychopath. He actually never had a chance, I was both larger and stronger than him, but I just beat him to a pulp. What sort of world is it I have woken up to, where grown men just kill each other over a few clothes?

Day, day 1

Being fed up and weary I decided to get as much distance between myself and the shack in the forest as possible. I ran and I ran, north-east I think, until I was far enough away to not blood-choked gurgle and cracks of bone. I found an old bungalow, except from dust and an old backpack it was empty.

I decided to eat my final ration of who-knows-what-meat, and settle down for now. I gathered some wood, and managed to cut out a decent spear from it. On top of that I got a small animal trap prepared for later.

I took a small nap and woke in the setting sun.

Dusk, day 1

I walked along the forest trail to a small suburban town, in an attempt to find whatever possible aid I decide to break open a home. The crack echoed through the little town, but only the local birds seem to notice.

2 sets of clothing, none of it needed.
a crowbar, already got one
a pocket knife, already got one
a medicinal cabinet, unfortunately emptied out
4 empty plastic bottles with caps, brought them along
a pair of working binoculars, brought along

And something else, a newspaper... I flicked through the pages in search of something readable. Only thing I found was an article praising the field of nano-machines, apparently the first artificial cells have been created and plenty more should be on the way, unfortunately there is no date. All in all it was a rather useless bit of trivia considering my current situation.

Dusk, day 1

I made it through town in search of other potentially useful caches of supplies; my road got passed by another scrawny almost feral fellow. But he decided to dart out of my way.

I found an old and battered store, most of it ruins and graffiti tags. As I dug through the piles of rock and glass I managed to find another newspaper. Apparently something has caused the death of huge numbers of fish in the Arkansas River, and apparently this has happened before too.

As I read through the article, I get a clenching sensation and a feeling of powerlessness dawns on me. How do I know I am not in Arkansas? How do I know whatever disease in the water isn't there anymore? How do I know it hasn't spread? I could be anywhere in the world.

Night, day 1

I emerge from the cakes of dirt and scrap into the cool evening air. And I see it, off in the distance; roughly to the east of my current position is a light! An unmistakable glow rises in the horizon, and all of this is well after the setting of the sun. Could it be a city... civilization? It’s a cause, a flicker of hope in all of this. Whether dead or alive, it’s still as good a goal as any!

I really like this. You make it seem real. Keep going :)

If you love a flower, do not pick it up. For if you do, it will die and cease to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is about appreciation, not possesion.

That is sort of the approach. Generally keeping the diary a logbook of important (in the eyes of survival) information and ofcourse mentions of impactful events.

Cheers! :)

Here is the second day folks:

Dawn, day 2

It were a cold and uneventful night apart from the light. Consisting of me primarily hugging my spear tightly and keeping watch while seated near a dim campfire. Now that the sun is up enough to allow action I shall procede west!

On my way east across the plains I came across a small shack, I easily broke it open and gazed upon the contents:
2 Shirts
2 Pair of jeans
1 Boot (right)
A bundle of rags, brought along
A rather beat up rifle scope, brought along for now

I decided to bring the rags incase I'll be needing bandages, other than that I took the scope. While not really needed I still have plenty of space, and I figured it'd be a good bargaining chip or source of spare parts for my binoculars.

Day, day 2

I continued my stride east for a few hours, when the feeling of exhaustion sat in. I had been on the move since I woke up, and were beginning to pay the price now. I needed sleep, solid several-hour sleep. I will have to look for a secluded area, preferably an old stable building. I also really need a way to keep me unmolested in my sleep. The danger in these areas is what have kept me from sleeping for now, I will need a primitive security system of sorts to ensure I wake up at all.

Shortly there after both needs are forfilled. I came across another shack in the forest, fairly secluded, and with a solid roof, which suits me perfectly. Inside were old empty cans, lengths of wire, some old wrapped food and a large assortment of clothes. I began work immediately, suspending cans with bellends up around the perimiter, hopefully their rattling will awake me. I try to mold the cloth pile into something comfortable and lie my tired head down.

Day, day 2

I only just managed to daze off before I felt something shaking me gently. Old feelings of childhood, comfort and persistant parents were immediately dismissed by the sight of a scrawny individal, trying to undo my pants and slide them off. I woke up halfshouting and flailing my arms, at the slightest sight of resistance he bolted, rattling for a few hundred meters through the alarmwires.

I wanted to go back to sleep but two things just kept nagging me. First of all, why my pants of all things? I guess I already knew though, it weren't pants he craved. And secondly my refuge felt violated, someone had been in here with malecious intentions and I had been near defenseless. My damn alarms hadn't even alerted me. But have most likely drawn the attention of the entire neighborhood now. I need to salvage what alarms I can and get going.

Day, day 2

I strained onwards until I found an old office tower I decided to make this a temporary home. The doors took some work getting through, but here a crowbar were invaluable. In the lobby I found an assortment of old vending machines, and from glass shards littering the floor and a few empty ones I decided to do as my predecessors and acess their innards by force. From both vending machines and adjoining rooms I found the following:
4 packets of crackers and other assorted vendor-machine food, taken
An opened plastic bottle, filled with supposidly dirty water
A pile of broken bottles shattered across the room, small shards everywhere
A first aid kit, empty unfortunately
A polyester sleeping bag

That sleeping bag is a godsent, and I plan to sleep tugged away in one of the smaller utility rooms. On top of the other scrap items I found something else intresting. An old magazine page, from a sewing magazine non-the-less. It is quite funny how many professions you have to master once everything goes to hell. I am, by current standards, already a certified tailor, chef, tracker, navigator, forager and murderer...

Dusk, day 2

In a grim repetition of my earlier attempt to sleep I am once again woken up by a tugging. This time someone trying to relieve me of my sleeping back, which I am currently in. Varily I decide to play along and let the man get the sleeping bag all the way off me. He got it off and glanced to make sure I were still sleep, he weren't in a hurry. As he turned his back and rolled it up I snuck over and got my spear, approaching the man carefully as he were investigating the vending machines. I kicked his balancing leg making him tumble over and followed up with a quick stab to the throat.

After rooting through his pockets and finding nothing but mushrooms and ash, I noticed he had left a backpack nearby. Upon examination I discovered it only contained a bare limit of things:
A pair of binoculars
3 hides from assorted wildlife
2 hunting arrows
and stranges of all, a folded cardboard box

I tied one of the arrows along the head of my spear, giving it signifigantly more puncturing power than a mere sharpened stick. I figured his backpack would certainly become handy later on, so I made a primitive strap for my crowbar to free another hand. Business out of the way I carried his corpse outside and threw it by the door, hopefully serving as a warning of not waking a sleep-deprived individual. And then I took another go at resting.

Night, day 2

I were awoken by the sharp crack of glass giving way to a crowbar. Someone in the other room were having a go at the vending machines. I once again try my sneaking then tripping then stabbing technique, but unfortunately this individual squirmed away before the fatal blow struck. But the fear were clear in his eyes, I had come out of nowhere and placed him closer to death than he had been in a while, he scampered to his feet and fled.

Sticking my head outside it became clear that it is now night. But my best source of light is a mere lighter. Despite waking in the middle of the night, I felt ready to take on the world again, and decided I weren't gonna be sitting around until sunrise. As it were just a day ago, a orange glow were taunting me on the horizon once more.