It's like a kinetic punch or something.

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It's like a kinetic punch or something.

Okay, so my most successful character was a hunter build. If you've seen my previous rants on a couple other threads, you know the story. I got eye augments, I had a wonderful collection of guns thanks to the boxcart, and I was nice and cozy in my clothing. One day, after killing another raider, I find myself surrounded by a pack (gang?) of melonheads. They have traits like "feeble" and "fragile" so I didn't think much of it. Oh man, I was so wrong. These little bastards have an arm of three Jackie Robinson clones and a punch of a friggin' XCOM mech (See Civ V BNW for more clarity). I died with acute bleeding of the lungs. It should've been "killed by getting kinetic punched in the stomach, leading to a giant hole in the chest".

So yeah. Don't feed the melonheads. That is all.


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