A daily reminder

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A daily reminder

That melonheads are not cute little people. Please avoid feeding them your skin and bring a ranged weapon to properly dispose of this menace.


The DMC administration

On a more serious note, what the hell are these things? Weak and fragile my ass! q~q

RIP my hunter character with augments. May you frolic in the meadows of editable mushrooms and blue berries. *bagpipe*


I'm your friendly neighborhood nutcase. My spear be pointy, my stew be odd. Ask the trader guy near the DMC, I sell him meat on a regular basis.

*Mauls melonheads*

Official Trained Dogman

*with bagpipe*

Proud member of the International Federation of Looters, Bandits, and Raiders. "Divided, we stand. Together, you better have athletic skill!"

With Crowbar, will travel

Well, they look weak and fragile, doesn't mean they know no nasty trick nor cannot deal a blow to spill some blood. As for what exactly they are - I am sure that with the progression of world's development, we'll be able to hear a few theories here and there.