wheres my save file?

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wheres my save file?

hi id like to know where i can find my save files? coz i want to backup my save just in case.

thanks a lot! =)


All info on that can be found in the first thread of the Technical Support section (for the game), called Save Games: Where to find them.

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I followed the instructions in this link/thread but couldn't find any savegame. Searching for the filename didn't give me a result either.
But in the browser (firefox) and the standalone version.

Are you sure you had saves in the first place? Problem with the current system is the fact that cookies-removing (via browser itself or by some computer cleaning software) removes the whole folder as temporary files. And of course you have to actually have save file (end last game with Save & Exit option) to begin with.

So to be sure - start a new game, make a single move, Save & Exit and then immediately search for nsSGv1.sol file. It must be there somewhere :D

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When trying Kaaven's test, make sure you don't close the game window after saving, just in case the cookie-cleaning is triggered by that action.

Another thing you can try is to find *.sol files, instead of the nsSGv1.sol file specifically. There should be some other files generated by both NEO Scavenger and other websites, and this might help determine if the issue is specifically nsSGv1.sol, or if all *.sol files are missing.

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