year 1

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year 1

There was a sound,a sound so hideous,and unbearable,i wanted to punch it's maker in the mouth,it stopped.

I looked down the hall and saw a corpse,a fresh kill,and it must have been making that noise cause there's nothing ell's around.
finding that this is a ordinary thing he listed his skills,medic,tracking,trapping,mechanic with the downside of insomnia,he had a good chance of survival.

day 1
I started the day by going out to a nearby city,nobody there.
"Odd,cars in the street but no people?"
time to loot I thought as I saw a decent car,it had a backpack,compound bow and a few arrows but what really got me was that the car had fuel,I checked the hood,the batteries gone.

Not bad considering the condition of the other cars,at leased this one has wheels,I scrambled to the car behind and checked the hood,luckily it had a battery,so i took it out and went back to the first car,then put the battery in.

night 1
There was a glow in the distance,i had seen this type of glow before from cities,so there is still some hope of civilization.
I'll head for it tomorrow.

day 2
I started the car,and drove down a road tell I got to a town and still nobody,so I took the time to loot,1 home stood out as it had a gun,I was not good with guns but it had ammo so I took it,again I was riding down a road,I stopped at another town,this time I was greeted by the sound of gun fire and screaming,I turned the corner,gun loaded and ready to fire when a man,maybe in his late 20's or early 30's,came running at me with a bloody crowbar,what did I do,I shot,the bullet hit him in the knee,he fell to the ground screaming in pain and begging for mercy.
A thought flashed threw my head.
*I can't leave him hear to die!,what if he's innocent.*
I put a bandage on the wound and poured water on it,i gave him what little supply of painkillers I had,and put him it the passenger seat of the car.

day 6
got to the glow with my new friend,the car ran out of gas so we just started walking,when we got there and set up camp near the shore he explained every thing,the apocalypse,theory on where dogmen came from,and most of all the DMC.

To be continued...