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skill presets

A group of skills in a form of occupation(job) for a skill preset(role play ideas everywhere!).




trail guide(botany,eagle eye,strong,ranged)

Any ideas?

Sorry if any of these seem stereo typical as there are only so many skills to work with.


DIY nut.

Tough, strong, mechanic, electrician.


Botany, athletic, metabolism, hiding.

Police officer.

Athletic, melee, ranged, tough, strong.
(Police are often seen in films having difficulty sleeping)

Fireman(Philip is a man)
Strong, tough, melee, athletic.

Ranged, melee, tough, strong, eagle eye, athletic.
Insomniac, new skill: shell shock (has a low chance to cause Philip to black out when using firearms waking up with corpses all around him)


Ranged, melee, tough, botany.

If any of these were to start with different circumstances it'd be interesting.
The police officer, for example, might begin the game during a riot, shortly before the whole word went to crap, armed with a shotty and beanbag rounds.
Could be very interesting to have a world/inventory editor, to give people preset gear and a location to spawn in.

A.K.A DapperDogman. Smashing.
Do you like my mask? It's a cool new toy I found.

I think you're overseeing the point of having these presets, namely to make the skill choosing easier for the player and give him/her a gentler introduction to the gameplay. So obviously these presets should be narrowed down and all have accompanying descriptions, for instance:

  • Melee
  • Strong
  • Tough
  • Metabolism (slow)

"You're a real hunk of a man, probably the closest thing to a dogman short of a dogman. You wont have to be shy about fighting, and people will generally be frightened by your sheer bulk anyhow. So make your noicy way through the wastes, ransack houses for hidden delicious food, and bully other looters into submission."

I think we should have a button that allows you to choose your last character's traits first.

lol wat?