Hi im the new kid on the block. im having difficulty, any tips?

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Hi im the new kid on the block. im having difficulty, any tips?

Ive played a few tries, and battle seems difficult for me. i always end up injured, badly. if i dont die on injuries or battle, ill die on illnesses. crap. can anyone help me? thanks =)


Hi and welcome!

First of all, don't worry, you will get much better once you've learned the game a bit. And there is quite a few things to learn in it.

Try and avoid fighting unless you are absolutely ready (well armed and with right skills). You can use Hiding skill to scavenge more safely and attracting less attention, and on the game map, you can try to use Hide option to lower the chance of some passing enemy attacking you. Skill Tracking will allow you to hide your tracks better so that enemies cannot track you down.

If you have been ambushed and are already in combat, in the middle of the screen you have a Range meter. Try to keep it over 10 by running away from enemy and then try Retreat option - it allows you to escape combat, and the biggest the distance between you and thy enemy the bigger the chance it will succeed.

If already wounded, go to the Status screen, and clean your wounds (especially the ones that are bleeding) with boiled water or whiskey, if you have any, and put Clean Rags on them to stop bleeding fast (they work like bandage).

To avoid getting sick always boil the water you find before drinking - start a fireplace by combining a lighter, stick (can be found in the woods) and a newspaper/twigs/dirty rag/t-shirt on a Crafting screen. And if you suspect there is something wrong with you, take an antibiotic pill (they come in white bottles) - it will help your body deal with the disease.

Having the Medic skill helps to identify pills you will find and on the Status screen an additional info on your health will show - always handy if you are afraid you can get sick.

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crap! i didnt know i can wash my wounds.
thanks for quick replies! =)
this are my skills: Medic Tough Athletic Hiding Strong Trapping
negatives are Myopia and Insomniac
what do you think my best strategies are to survive the world


Because you've chosen Trapping you can start fire without lighter, by rubbing sticks together (craft 2x medium branch, a kindling and a Trapping skill itself together and you have yourself a small fire), you don't have to worry about temperature that much. You can also make a Squirrel Snares, that will make you find a lot more squirrels when searching the woods. Skin those squirrels to make yourself a pelt tunic and cook their meat for food.

Your real problem is the rest. At the beginning it might not seem serious, but when being badly rested mixes with other things like being wounded, hungry or sick, it can kill you easy. So always try to keep a supply of sleeping pills and make sure to stay rested when planning your next move.

When it comes to gathering items for sell, your best bet are the prescription pills, since you have Medic and can identify them (just take a pill bottle in hand and move your cursor over each stack of pills). Full bottle (2 stacks of 10 pills) of unidentified antibiotics sells for around $5, if I recall, but identified one goes for $1000 :D. Find as much pills as you can, you'll be a rich man once you'll reach the city.

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Is it necessary to put all my pills to each of their respective bottles? coz i dont seem to understand its point since a med bottle also occupies 2 spaces in my inventory, just the same with its size.

about the fire, WOW! i didnt know i can make fire without a lighter. coz im actually looking for a lighter for days now, but curiously unsuccessful coz in my other games i can easily find one, no, i found lots. now its rare.

and, i dont know where to sell. is the merchant at the east? i guess ill have to explore more.

im a medic so i automatically identify pills without clicking anything? or will i really find unidentified pills which i can identify?

thanks again


You don't need pill bottles. It's just easier to recognize the type of pills when they are in the correct bottle.

You can find a list of all recipes in the wiki: http://neoscavenger.wikia.com/wiki/Item_Crafting

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1.stalk you enemy.(knowing patterns can save you life in a tight spot)

2.find there loot drop off spots.(looters,bandits,and raiders like to have re-supply areas which can supply meds,food,ammo,weapons,and misc)

3.make a camp a few hexes away from loot drop off spots(this will let you be nomadic cause enemy's will have 2 or more drop off spots)

4.don't go north(dogmen live in the north area of the map so only go there if you real need to)

5.water(like in real life you need water,and a lot of it but don't carry to many 3 bottles will do,but you should make camps near a fresh water source,also boil it,you don't want to get any illnesses)

6.food(only carry so much food,food is a good thing to have a lot of but it can clutter your inventory so only have enough for a 3-4 day trip but if you must carry as much as you can)

7.ammo(guns are good and all but ammo can be hard to find so use a weapon you can make ammo for like a bow)

8.hiding(hide all your camps in a good location,a cabin surrounded by forest is good,NPC's don't like going threw forests,but they will go on hills so be causes where you put your camps)


take trapping skill and melee and kill dogman
get a shard or sharp object
skin dogmans body get a 200$ cloak which sell could get a bow and arrows


And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Since you are taking athletic, I would suggest you use ranged weaponry. I always start by finding some string and a rag so I can make a sling (2 medium string and a rag). I find that people underrated the sling as a viable weapon but it is more Powerful then a bow. Just keep attackers at least 5 spaces away and sling stones at them, reload your stones then run. With ranged skill you can kill a raider in 6 rounds with little or no damage to you.

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