Bags, satchels and holsters

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Bags, satchels and holsters

How about adding some new bags, satchels or other forms of portable containers like holsters perhaps adding some recipes to made them out of animals skins

I was just thinking the same thing. Specifically I was remembering the old Pants-Pack trick. You put the seat of a pare pants against the back of your neck, wrap the legs around your shoulders until the ankle cuffs touch the belt-loops, then put a string or belt through the belt-loops and around the ankle cuffs. Voilà! Instant backpack! The best version of course has string to hold the ankles to one belt-loop each, and a belt running through the belt-loops to make a sinch-strap for easy open/closing.

you smart

And oldie and I would say goodie but not particularly

Bandoliers would be a welcome addition, and in terms of containers, Ammo cartons would be a nice addition, They would very usually be found empty, but say a 2x3 shotgun shells carton could have a 2x4 grid for shotgun ammo, or a 2x2 pistol ammo box could hold a 3x2 selection of small rounds.

Reminds me of the new Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) in the JA2 "1.13" mod.

It adds Vests, Harnesses, Holsters, Packs, Backpacks, and Pouches. They add more inventory space, but they also hinder movement a little, which is natural.

Pew pew pew!

That is exactly what I was thinking about

Different types of bags would definitely be cool. Moreso if the option to make your own ever comes up. Designing/finding packframes or schoolbags would be interesting and could add another dimension to the whole thing and play around with the imagination of the player's space allocation.

The only reason I even mention the craziness of allocation is because I've had to pack and repack a packframe for the past few months. Since I have three small pockets, a hydration area, a medium sized compartment, and a large one, I've had to figure out ways to fit the thing I need in the right pocket. By offering to modify bags this way, it would add some sense of dimension to this, also perhaps make it easier to carry (since packframes make it easier to haul heavier loads compared to, say, a duffel bag).