A gentleman's guide to fear.

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A gentleman's guide to fear.

I'm sure a lot of people would benefit from more fear induction methods in NS.
I for one believe that a large group of enemy corpses in the woods surrounding a crazy looking, fur wearing, gun toting, mushroom eating madman would scare me to the point of outright fleeing.
So why not have that same mechanic added to the game?
It might take a long and advanced code to implement, so my plans are not dependant on this, and it might cause some balance issues, but honestly, who would fight this guy?


I know I wouldn't
If anyone has other ideas to add to The gentleman's guide to fear, feel free to suggest them here.

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This needs to be implemented NOW.

it would be nice to have an option in combat that said:run at enemy while flailing weapon and making a insane laugh.(player must have insane trait,new neutral trait.


I am quite sure that aforementioned maniac is nothing as strange in the world of NEO Scavenger as one would assume. Additionally, dead guys suggest loot - and if there's only one man of a competition to it, it's more like a holiday - pop a fur-clad hobo a bullet before he'll notice what's going on and claim your prize. After all there are many explanations for bunch of corpses - they may be guy's companions and he's the only one left. Or they were poisoned. Or ambushed. One way or another - I wouldn't like it if regular raiders, bandits etc would be scared of such man, not without testing his battle prowess first.

You make some valid points, but you wouldn't be able to rule out that a guy armed with a gun and cleaver killed everyone, so maybe it just adds to the intimidation factor, weaker enemies would flee easier and maybe tougher enemies would return in groups, it'd fix balance issues that would surely pop up with this kind of mechanic.
stop you from keeping 3 dead bodies in your camp,
Also dogman corpses would be a whole other story. 1, yeah sure he killed a dogman, probably out of ammo now.
2, yeah, he's dangerous, but we can overwhelm him.
3+ HOLY [email protected]#T, let's get away from here as fast as possible.

A.K.A DapperDogman. Smashing.
Do you like my mask? It's a cool new toy I found.

I'm pretty sure that wearing a Dogman cloak already results in #3.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

As far as I know, there are few things that influence enemies morale right now:
- possession of Tough and/or Strong skills (on both sides)
- class of weapon currently used (on both sides)
- current health state and statuses (on both sides)
- Dogman's Fur Coat

I do not know if Fragile/Feeble or number of entities in group affect that as well.

Character on the picture is healthy and armed with a cleaver (active weapon) so even if he has Strong and Tough he would still be on par with a Raider (they have same skills and, usually, similar weapon) but would be, most likely, scary to Bandit (only Strong). If this player don't have Strong nor Tough, he won't be scary enough to break morale of said Bandit.

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