Just died in perhaps the most inevitable way possible

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Just died in perhaps the most inevitable way possible

I was 7 hours (game hours, not real world) into a new game and doing well. I had:

- Clothes including a patchwork tunic
- A lighter
- A metal saucepan
- A crude bow with 7 broadhead arrows
- A sling with stones as backup
- A broadhead spear
- Clean rags
- 2 bottles with purified water
- Plenty of assorted pills
- A sled with string
- A box as a rucksack

I proceeded to scavenge for food or additional water in an urban hex. The safety bar was very green, so i confirmed the scavenge. There were indeed loot, but i had "attracted a creature" which was actually 2 raiders. Knowing that going against 2 raiders was the cause of several previous deaths, I opted for a "Desperate Retreat".

I instantly died of acute bleeding to the lungs.

Granted, one raider had a rifle of some kind, but I cannot possibly think of anything different I could have done to avoid this death. The safety bar was green - i'm assuming that means safety against potential nearby enemies, as opposed to safety vs the building. I instantly took the most drastic retreat method. What happened? Did i fall over in the rush, and puncture my lungs with my own spear? Was I shot by the raider? Either way... this feels a little too out of my control for a game. I mean... the inevitability of it. I understand being punished for being naive, or risky... but this wasn't the case.

Two things to take into account when attempting to retreat from an enemy.

1. How far away are they?

2. Do they have a ranged weapon?

If they're within five units, it's better to try and distance yourself from your enemies before trying to retreat. The farther away you are, the better chance you have to get away.

If they have a ranged weapon then take cover and then try and fallback under cover before attempting to exit the fight, as a 'Desperate Retreat' leaves you highly vulnerable to enemy attacks. In fact, try not to use Desperate Retreat if you can help it. It carries more risk than the simple 'Retreat' option.

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Assuming it wasn't a bug, my guess is that you were shot by the raider with a rifle, and he got a lucky hit on your lower chest. There are a few weapons in the game that can deal a fatal blow in one hit, and rifles are one of them. And the two locations where that can happen are lower chest (acute bleeding in lungs) or head (severe brain trauma).

You're right about it being pretty unfair. It's more a random dice roll that got you than anything else. It'd be like rolling a natural 1 in D&D when trying to jump a trivial chasm. Without a human DM there to say "that's dumb, fudge the roll," the computer just took the die roll literally.

That said, two things might help this in the future.

First, I think you might be confusing the "sneak" vs. "safety" stat bars in scavenging. "Sneak" is how well you're protected against being noticed, and "safety" is against things like building collapse, falling down a ravine, or getting caught in a rotted floorboard. They're tracked separately, so it's possible "sneak" was low and "safety" was high.

Second, the way scavenging encounters materialize monsters on top of you is something I've been working on a change for. Many people have expressed concern with the feeling that monsters spring forth from the ether by virtue of visiting a building, which is pretty unrealistic. Ambushes are one thing, but for this to be the sole way creatures appear is a bit weird.

Instead, I'm working on a change where triggering a creature in scavenge alerts any nearby creatures to your activity. If anyone is close enough, and they're not already afraid for their lives (e.g. deer), they'll immediately head towards the hex to see what's up. You may be gone when they arrive, but you may also see them wander in if you dally too long.

I have yet to see if folks feel this empties the world too much. But so far, I kind of like the feel from my playtests.

Hopefully, we can steer NEO Scavenger ever closer to a game where randomness isn't fatal, and there's still challenge!

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Simple solution: Don't allow one-hit-kills (except character is fragile).

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To voice my opinion: I disagree. While I am against losing the game with no fault lying in the player, the fact that firearms can be actually deadly and without damage-scaling of typical RPG FPP shooters I find quite appealing.

I second this.

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I read your comment on how you prefer the hide/track aspect of traits and understand that violence is a really annoying aspect of the game, but how do I get a jacket like yours?


How come i survived an rifleshot to the head and one to the upper chest in a row without dying

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Better yet GET COVER when you know an opponent has firearms!

Yeah I agree, especially since there is no ambushes in NS and player, as long as he is conscious, always have the first move in combat.

And if the player thinks he is tough enough to stand tall and proud against firearm wielding opponent (like every 18th century infantryman) or wishes to try his luck turning his back to the enemy and running away, a deadly bullet, from time to time, is absolutely justified.

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When a fight starts at range 5 that's not much different from an ambush. Retreat won't work and hiding behind cover doesn't make you invulnerable, with enough bad luck you can still be hit.

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Must say, at range 5, you get two good arrow shots and 2 good hits with the broad spear before it gets close quarters. Never underestemate the value of a wrench or a chopper tucked away in your pack. I like to run back a little to gain some distance. Have killed many groups of dog men with this method. Need at least 15 arrows if your fighting more than two without melee or strong. In the NW they come out of the woodwork.


If your opponents have loaded guns and you have bad luck the only thing you get is a shot in the head.

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1.the way you worded this makes me think you dont know what inevitable means.you questioned if you were shot or tripped and stabbed,while explaining your safety level and your reaction to the raiders.that does not mean you will definitely die,as inevitable death means.
2.it was a lucky shot by the raider,probably

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Take cover first, and don't do anything that will give you vulnerable status if you're not sure whether or not they have ammo. I always take cover if the enemy has a ranged weapon equipped. Seems like more often than not it will be unloaded and they'll run up to try hitting you with it, but every once in a while they start shooting. I have been instantly killed once or twice, but I've survived a gunshot wound or two and gone on to have the character recover much more often. Most of the times I've been killed by gunfire I did something like run or desperate retreat that made me vulnerable and they got the JFK shot.