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Newspaper hunt

There has been speculation as to what happened to the world durring the time the player character had been in cryo and the only things we have as proof of what happened are pieces of newspapers from the past. I am going to hunt for the news papers ingame and post the articles so someone else can piece together what happened to the world.

lol wat?

Just realized how encredibly time consuming it will be to copy down the articles '_'.

lol wat?

Hey mate!
You don't have to do it as I am working on it right now - I plan to post screenshots of all the articles on the wiki page. What would be incredible helpful is a list of all the article titles so that I can be sure to find them all.

Wiki article as I see it would be a list of titles, with option to roll down the whole article in format like this:

What do you think?

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Way better than what i had planned, go for it.

lol wat?

Nice, I had something similar on the back burner.

Here's what I found so far:
- Next week on "Date a Fish!" Lucy finds herself on thin ice as...
- OX News: We report the facts, you decide if they are true.
- Corn-a-Cola: Made with real corn syrup!
- iSlab: now free with multigenerational contracts!
- iSlab: Look younger than the kids who assembled it!
- iSlab: Octo-core cpu...
- Hyperpreservatives: ...
- A Game of Drones
- Apoxalypse Now
- Super Soldier Program Revealed
- The Rise of Xinhua
- Mending Fences
- A Native American Werewolf in New Mexico
- And Yet it Moves
- Life's a Beach, Then You Die (of Smallpox)
- Something Fishy
- Emergency!
- One Headlight
- Detroit to be a Walled City?
- Han Shot First
- More Where That Came From
- US Spies in Xinhua
- Road to Nowhere
- You Sunk My Battleship!
- <i>To big for the screen to see the title text begins with:</i> Seventeen more lives, including those of three Coast Guard crewmembers, ...

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For all interested, the compilation of articles, in the form of slide-show, is up here:

Those are not all, but most of them, I believe. Will try to fill the blanks as soon as I find them. They are segregated by first letter of the title.

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