A better combat system

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A better combat system

Personally, combat is decent, but when occasionally one shot a guy with a stick, but then suddenly in another encounter, one punch takes me to a mortal state, something is wrong.Like somebody asked for before, give some basic stats that can be influenced by your skills, it seems really random as of now.

Yeah I agree, the longest character I've had lasted about 20 minutes before I got killed by a bandit with a gun butt, just because I had 0 moves left I couldn't attack first or at least move away.

It seems random and bit too simplistic for game like this.  I'm all for dangerous and deadly combat, but if you are going to make mistakes fatal... you need to reduce the sheer random factor a bit.  Otherwise, it just seems it doesn't matter what you do in the game when it comes to preparation and planning.  (Two of biggest factors in a surviving a survival game.)  The odds are already against you if you make a mistake.  Let's not amplify that factor by having a pure random luck screwing waiting around every corner.  There at least needs to be checks to see if you can evade, escape, or block attacks.

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