Zafehouse diaries, Worst game ever (do not buy)

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Zafehouse diaries, Worst game ever (do not buy)

I got myself Zafehouse diaries a while ago. It will not even start, not even tie diag tool. the answer I get in the forum, is a nonstop "it is your own fault".

The admins and programmers will not help, their argument being "you are a liar".

The problem is that this game, because of their laziness, works only if your last version of directx is 9. they will not fix it and they made it clear.

The game is poorly made, no refunds will be given, and nobody will help you. there is not even a demo to help you find out if your pc will be aboe to run it.

You are warned.

Please just because you couldnt play the main game do not call it poorly made. The gameplay it self is very different and fun from any other game, it has a large amount of RPing potential and just in general very fun. Now, with the most recent game mode you now have 3 very different fun modes to play the game.

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So, a lot of buyers will be discriminated against because they have newer versions of direct x, but the game is not poorly made?

We already talked this in the chat, but let me repeat for everyone that the creators are -not- solving it, as they made very clear when I asked for help.

If you were lucky enough to not update your direct x all these years, then I'm jealous, I would like to play too.

But that does not change their laziness, or the fact they blamed -me- for not be able to run the diag tool, which is also poorly made and will not run.

Yes, they blamed me, called me a liar, and said "no refunds"

"but the game is not poorly made?"
No it isnt, they have a link in the forums telling you about the direct x9 issue and how to fix it but sometimes things dont work for some people, I highly recommend emailing the creators and asking for a refund as you cant play for the game (not in the forums an email.

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Gentlemen, I am not sure if this should be continued, especially as such threads often start to go down the slippery slope. While I guess the thread like this has a right to be no less than what would be opposite of it with recommendations of some little games one should get, it has quite a potential of spiralling out of control.

Rafe, I understand your dissatisfaction with the product which didn't work and the which creators of weren't willing/able to provid you with proper solution for, though I should point out that there is a demo available. While you may be angry at the mistreatment and want to warn others because of injustice experienced, you need to be aware that you may have difficulties with those who experienced no such problems. It may be that your anger is directed more at the game's creators than the game itself.

At the same time, Nick, you cannot blame the guy for warning others against getting the game, if said guy bought a product expecting it to work, but not only didn't manage to get what he paid for, but also apparently was offended and didn't receive any help to change his situation - which things do cast some bad light on the whole matter and may be useful informations for others to consider before purchase.

I am afraid you two will just have to agree to disagree on whether Zafehouse's devteam should be supported.

Personally, I don't have much against the game. I've played it a bit, enjoyed some things, got bothered and bored by some others and lost interest - it was alright though it didn't manage to make me occupied for too long. I suspect it was just not fitting my taste and expectations and someone else may possibly find the thing far more to their liking.