Dealing with attackers

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Dealing with attackers

I find this game frustratingly hard, and need some tips about how to deal with the different attackers I get when I play.

I found hunters, aliens and werewolves.

With were wolves, I think the best thing to do is retreating, but need help with the other two. The aliens hunt in packs, and the hunters are hard to hide from, and retreating is almost impossible.

What is the best tactic totally depends on skills you chose for your character as well as your equipment. Basically:

- Athletic - makes your character trip less and run faster (by special move Sprint away!) if you have this you should overtake almost any enemy
- Strong - makes you hit a bit harder, also makes enemies more likely to be afraid of you
- Melee - makes you hit more often and a little harder
- Tough - when you are hit you are less likely to be seriously hurt and also makes you bit more scary
- Ranged - greatly improves your chance to hit with ranged weapon

So if you have Strong, Melee and Tough and a decent weapon, like Meat Cleaver or Crowbar you can try and fight anyone.
With Ranged and Athletic try to fire (get a Sling and Stones at least) from afar and move back when enemy comes too close. Or just choose Hiding and Athletic and avoid fighting as much as you can.

Remember to use the moves in combat to gain advantage. Parry or Dodge to avoid being hit and attack only when enemy is Vulnerable/Stunned/Fallen. Special moves like Create Obstacle or Lure work even better.

Also, look at enemy stats. For example the Melonheads (they are not actually aliens as far as I know) are Weak and Feeble so it's easy to kill one of them, almost for everybody. If they see you as more powerful (by being Strong, Tough and/or carrying good weapon) they will escape and avoid you if you Threaten them.

With humans it's harder as each is different. Some are Weak and/or Feeble while others are Strong and/or Tough. Some have their bare hands only, while others carry hunting rifles and shotguns. Look what your enemy have first and then decide if it's worth to fight (running away is not that hard actually).

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If you always use the hiding skill while scavenging and never use strong/crowbar if it has an impact on the sneak bar you'll rarely have any fights.

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Kaaven covers some important information. Make sure to pay attention to what their status is at all times because that can be the difference between life and death.

My advice when it comes to fighting is avoid groups of enemies. One enemy is a fair fight in unto itself, but if two or more enemies take the field, my advice is to GET OUTTA THERE!!! If you engage to enemies at the same time, you'll have double the challenge since you can only respond to one each turn. Even weak enemies can easily get the jump on you because all it takes is for one to knock you down while the other attacks and you're a gonner. One thing I have noticed though is that when you retreat, enemies that were in groups will often scatter. You can use this chance to run away, but what I like to do is use that opportunity to engage the individual enemies. Together, they're strong, but divided, you can deal with them.

While some enemies may seem strong and numerous, NPCs like looters or other feeble and frail enemies aren't as gung ho about fighting. Sometimes, they're just passing by and aren't looking for a fight (yet?). Threatening them may drive them off. You can also tell an enemy doesn't want to fight by seeing if all they do is retreat. It's your call whether to pursue or not.

If you are set on taking down an enemy, especially if it was part of a group, I recommend cornering them in those building areas. The reason for this is that some enemies will retreat if cornered individually. In forests and in fields, you start out further away. They can use that distance to beat a hasty retreat and cause you problems later. When you encounter an enemy, your goal is to do one of three things each turn, avoid their attacks using dodge and parry, knock them down (without tackling them), and press your attack on them when they are vulnerable, stunned, recovering, or fallen. When you engage an enemy, the goal is not to attack first, but to dodge their attack and come back with yours and land a hit. The best opening for an attack is after your enemy launches a flurry of attacks. Use this chance to wale on them. Whenever possible, depending on your skills, try to use lure, leg trip, or head butt. These are not only strong, but can also knock down your enemies. When your enemy is knocked down, kick them or use your normal attack. Kicking is the best option since it does a lot of damage and it keeps them on the ground. If that isn't available, just keep attacking. If you ever want to launch a flurry of attacks, note that it has a low chance of hitting and will leave you vulnerable, so make this choice at with this knowledge.

Lastly, whenever you knock out an enemy, you can loot them and/or kill them. You don't have to finish them off, but they may cause you problems later. Also, enemies may surrender to you if they get scared. Always accept their surrenders, but never surrender to them. Even if you risk death, never accept to surrender to them, if they take your talisman, it's game over.

This is for melee characters mainly. If you are a ranged character, you may want to look elsewhere.

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If you want to be more effective in combat, I would recommend taking the Tough, Strong, and Trapping traits. They all give you pretty reliable stuns/stumbles to utilize against your assailants and have great utility out of combat as well (tough and strong even make some enemies hesitant to engage you).

If by "hunters" you mean the other humans you meet throughout the Wasteland, then there's a few things to keep in mind. Only press your attack when your opponent is suffering from one of the following conditions:

Vulnerable, Fallen, Stunned, Shock, Recovering

These are the moments where your opponent will be unable to fight back, allowing you to get free hits without putting yourself in danger and giving you an opportunity to shore up your own defenses once they snap out of it.

I feel it's important to note that even the threat of getting shot can be a massive deterrent to a lot of the human NPCs. If you aren't confident in your ability to survive a scrap, try to keep a gun on hand as much as possible. Loaded or unloaded, threatening people with it before a fight starts should get a fair amount of them off of your back.

On to "aliens" which I'm assuming are the Melon Heads. These guys are generally pretty weak; if you have a fair amount of combat-focused traits and a simple weapon they should be fairly simple to take down as long as they don't gang up on you. The general rule of conditions applies here as well, don't attack if it will leave you wide open to a counter. If you encounter a roving band of Melon Heads then it's a good idea to just run. You won't be able to react to enough of them quickly enough and you'll eventually get over run if you try to fight them all.

Quick note: Melon Heads scare easily. If you have even a simple shiv or crowbar, try threatening them with it before a fight.

Running from Dogmen is your best option, although if you catch one alone and have a large amount of skills that give you access to stuns and knockdowns it is possible to wear one down.

Final note: Find a ranged weapon. Even if you don't have the ranged skill it -will- come in handy. Get your hands on a sling as soon as possible or carry stones or pebbles in your pocket so you can wear down attackers before they catch up to you. This tactic is especially strong with the Trapper trait, as you can lure someone into a snare and pelt them with stones while they're stuck.

Final Final note: If you finish or escape a fight, don't stick around. Combat will attract more hostiles to your current location and sticking around is a good way to get ganged up on.

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