Enemy Campsites

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Enemy Campsites

It would be cool to run into some campsites set up by enemies.

For instance, you're walking in the dark, one measly hex at a time, with nothing but a tree branch, your hospital gown and one left shoe at .6%. Then from no where; as if sent from the gods; a fully loaded abandoned camp. Stocked with all the water and meds you could imagine.

Now, how awesome would that be? Really awesome, thats how awesome.

Of course, this is just a fun example. But there are tons of possibilities with this one. Perhaps its day and you see the camp (indicated by a red triangle, similar to the one that shows your camp). Maybe there are a few Looters in it hiding. You won't know till you investigate (Scavenge).

I'm sure you could think of all the things that could be implemented with this.

Just a thought.

It is, partially, in the game already, as some enemies do establish themselves a "base" in some hexes. They do not use actual "Camp" menu, but bring items to their base-hex and leave them on the ground there.

It is very rare to come by such places, but try following looters or melonheads around for a few turns (especially at night with nightvision goggles on) and "Spy" on them. You will see them performing actions such as searching for loot and dumping the loot somewhere else. Then, when they go away, you can raid their stash.

To be honest, this need some work, because it is actually hard to even find them doing so, reward is non-existent (they gather junk and branches mostly) and is not worth the time and effort. But it still could be base to build on... I hope :D

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I actually like "spying" on looters,bandits,etc. cause of this time i found a rifle in an enemy camp(home base).
I have also stalked and seen that they will have multiple bases/camps spread around the map or in a small area.
They mostly have junk though as you said.


I have also observed this behavior, and used it to get free loot. I think it would certainly be great if enemy AI also included sitting around the campfire, sleeping, and maybe even having conflicts with other groups (although I have ran into enemies with injuries before, I've never seen them fighting)

they have injury's because they fight dog men its the only one in the game every one fights

npc wise

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