Increase to two strap slots

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Increase to two strap slots

Currently, you can only have one "strap item" equipped on your back; a rifle, a crowbar, or a bow. I feel this should be increased to two, as I don't see what'd stop you from using a shoulder individually, or layering the items. I can understand putting a limit at three, since that'd be a lot of load and it would make retrieving the first item a hassle.

It'd also be possible to make the strap slot into a boxed slot, so you can't have a rifle and a bow, but you could fit a rifle and a crowbar, or a bow and a quiver (if that makes it in).

I like this idea

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Don't forget that you can equip a strap item plus a backback. More than two strap items should make carrying a backpack on the back impossible.

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Backpack plus two shoulder-strapped rifles are already definitely too much. If ever two strapped items at once were to be allowed, should either block wearing an item in bag slot or apply some serious negative status.

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maybe adding a belt strap, like how the compound bow is carried.

The thing about disallowing backpacks with two straps is that rifles can be used while the strap is around your body, even with 2-point slings (3-point tactical slings obviously make this easier). That said, using it as a melee weapon while strapped to yourself is difficult. Still, I don't think it's impossible to have a crowbar slung around one shoulder and the rifle on top of that.

Though I don't understand why you can't just sling a crowbar into a belt loop, or store it in your pants with the crow hanging on the waistband of the jeans.

You can justify it in a variety of ways. At the end of the day, I'd just like to be able to strap two items to myself.

Come to think of it, I'm unsure why a bow, compound or not, requires a strap in order to carry it around. Why couldn't you just sling the bowstring around your shoulder?

If the bow is not a compound bow, leaving it strung all the time wears out the bow stave, and the space between staves and string is too tight to wear for long on a compound bow (tried when I was 11).

Its defiantly possible to wear two items slung across the back while wearing a back pack. I just tried it with my rucksack which is way bigger than the ones in the game and my 30-06 and 12 gauge. All you have to do is let some extra slack in the sling and wear it around your neck like you would if you were wearing it cross body. The pack will push each rifle into more or less straight up vertical position and remained pretty steady. The only issue is the slings can rub your neck raw, but for shits and gigs I tried it with a hoodie and placed the slings around my neck and under the hood and that worked pretty well. I remember doing the same thing with my collar in my fatigues before too. It didn't work as well as the hoodie but I made it through plenty of humps like that. Or even better a carabiner or just some E-tape can strap the sling to the straps of the pack to keep it off your neck. And most hiking/tactical packs have straps on the side/back for this very purpose anyway. My ruck has two pockets on the bottom sides that can easily hold the buttstock of a weapon(believe it was meant for a sleeping mat but it works)
and several straps to hold it securely in place.

Had same idea while playing (since I like to carry bow, shotgun, crowbar and meat cleaver with me)
I think better idea would be having 2 back slots
each slot could carry a backpack or slinged item
That way player should choose between 2 bags, bag+weapon or 2 weapons

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

I like this suggestion as well, I put the same idea on my post about reloading, holsters, quivers and weapon swapping thread.