Beta Now Has Save Games!

Good news everyone! I managed to get the first draft of save games up and running! I apologize for being incommunicado today, but I figured I'd hunker down, turn off the internet, and get at least rudimentary save games working. And I think it worked! But first, some updates:

New Demo v0.912d Updates

I uploaded a new demo build tonight, v09.12d. It includes a fix for player condition expiry and chaining, which previously caused some buggy behavior. This means nanorobotic medkit effects go away after 6 hours now (boo!), but gastroenteritis and cholera now expire correctly (yay!). Also, the aforementioned diseases were supposed to have a slight chance of healing naturally, but they didn't. This fix should make that work as well, so there's now a greater than 0% survival chance with cholera!

I also added some new hotkeys. The spacebar now advances encounters when it makes sense (it won't if there's an item stuck to your cursor, for example). And the "E" key is now bound to the scavenge button. These changes should hopefully reduce the amount of mousing/clicking previously needed to play.

Finally, there was a typo in the cost of unidentified mushrooms which revealed whether they were safe or not. Now, all unidentified mushrooms have the same cost. Sorry!

New Beta v0.922b Updates

As usual, the Beta includes all of the updates seen in the demo above. Plus, now they have save games!

In today's beta build, players can now save their game state, and return to it later. To do so, hit the "Esc" key to access the menu, and you'll see "Save" and "Load" buttons. Clicking "Save" will attempt to save the game on your computer, as a Flash cookie. For this to work, Flash needs permission to save cookies on your machine. This may mean enabling cookies for your browser, at least for Flash may also ask you for permission to save up to 100kB of data. Click "Allow" to let the game save. Typically, games are much smaller than 100kB, but a full map explore might approach that number.

So what gets saved? Right now, it'll save your character's status, equipment, known recipes, location, explored hexes, roaming creatures, minimap plus hex labels, in-game date and time of day, and quest status. It'll also store any items left on the ground in most hexes, though it'll restock the junk store on load, so be careful if you had anything important on the store hex.

Save games will last as long as you don't overwrite them (there's only one slot per player, at the moment), so you can reload the game if necessary. I realize this may nerf permadeath a bit, but I think this will help those players who need to step away from the computer and don't want to lose their progress. As the game develops, we can discuss other save schemes, such as iron man modes, etc. For now, players can safely save progress when their toddler/cat/boss ambles into the room!

The beta build also includes a fix to the hiding/sneaking ability. I managed to break sneaking in the beta last time, but it should be once again possible to sneak if you've chosen the "Hiding" ability at the start. It requires a move to activate, though.

So there you have it! Let me know if any of the new builds break anything, or if they're not working as advertised. I should be back around the forums tomorrow for some overdue catching up. No doubt, I'll only get part-way through the backlog of posts, but at least I can see what you've been discussing there.

Postcard Reminder

Oh, and one more reminder: as per the news item yesterday, I'll be holding onto the postcards one more day for anyone who bought the Yukon Edition and wants a different name on the card besides the billing addressee. Be sure to email me before tomorrow evening if you want the name adjusted!

Take care, and enjoy!


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Awesome! Thanks for the updates!I'll tell you, I'm really loving this game so far.Even though I've made around 6 characters and all died miserably, it's still pretty fun. :)

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Minor problem...(I'll make a forum topic as well)Saving and reloading seems to cause a time lapse. You regenerate all your moves and the hour is pushed back (or forward) to midnight. This could be seriously exploited...