Best run of my life.

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Best run of my life.

The southwest region. No man's land. The 9th circle of the hell of this wasteland.

I don't know exactly what made that area so so difficult. Could be, one has less places to run away. Could be, enemies, having very few places to go. I don't know why, but no Gaelstrom that has ever wandered into that place, has ever left alive.

Until today.

Like any old day in michigan, I had woken up from a cryo sleep, greeted by a large, canid creature with giant claws. To prepare for the day, I had used some of the local plants to prepare a nice little cologne for myself. I tried to ask what the dogman thought of the scent. He didn't seem to like it. But no matter, for I had stepped out of that broken window, knowing today is the day when I won't die within minutes! And so it was.

For once in my career as a scavenger, I took my time, hid my tracks, hid myself. I also replaced my usual tracking skill with Athletic, as I seemed to have difficulty running from enemies as of late. My use of caution had probably blessed me with a safe, fairly uneventful trip as I explored the lower left region of the map.

And I tell you, that trip was blessed. Fairly early, I managed to pull a perfectly good compound bow, and managed to find several scraps of paper for making arrows with. But even then, I came across another set of arrows while scavenging.

This is very unorganized, I know, it's late here.

But anyhoo, upon reaching the very lowest part of the map, I tried to gather parts to hopefully make a boxcart for myself, as the chances of finding a shopping cart were slim. If only I had known I needed the mechanic skill to build it.

But the trip was not completely fruitless, as after discarding the parts in frustration, I had explored the majority of the south west region of the map, and emerged a god.

In my right hand, a bow, with two types of arrows at the ready. In my right, a shot gun, loaded with slug shots, and on my back, a rifle, while my pockets with filled with Chef Yummy cans full of bullets of all kinds. No one could stand in my way.

But anywas, after my extremely successful excursion, I had some fun with removing my talisman briefly, then I started on my journey to the glow. The trip was very slow, as I had quite alot of items on me, mostly pulled by sled, as well as the three weapons I lugged around. Still, it was a pleasent trip, as my expertise in plants kept my belly full as well as the 8 water bottles I carried around. I even managed to shoot down a deer on the way, and had myself a nice lunch before continuing.

But the blessings did not stop there, no, as soon enough, I found even more munitions for my weapons, and a pistol! All I needed was the revolver I think exists, and I'd be a walking tank! By the time I reached the DMC, I was force to be reckoned with. I felt like I could own the city with all this power. However, in the best interests of... everyone, I met with the hatter, and using my skills, talked my way into a free DMC pass, and soon enough, I was in.

My journey does not stop there, as now, I sit somewhere on the outskirts of the sprawl, eagerly awaiting my next destination. The north. If only I had a cart to bring along with me. I had found some parts scattered around the sprawl, sadly, there was nothing I could do with them.

But no matter, for I know my journey will bring more adventure, pleasures, and profit! Farewell for now, as I... really need to go to bed.

And maybe I should've paid more attention in english class. :B

i had a run like that before the update with more guns etc. i had 2 camps at the outskirts of the dmc each of them had 2 packs 1 with water the other with food,and a bag with meds(a kid walks by,"Candy corn!").

CPU is to slow/laggy to play NS now.