[0.974b] Bugs and Issues

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[0.974b] Bugs and Issues

- It's possible to make greenwood bows and spears out of a compound bow.
- A noise trap can be made with a small thread and a pill bottle, no 3rd item required.
- My character still has bugged conditions.
- Strange Mechanical Doll still usable for rough splint.

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Wow, that was fast! Thanks for starting the new version thread.

Is the "bugged condition" issue present in new games, or was it a save game from the last build? I thought I squashed that bug, but if you're loading an old save game, it probably won't be fixed (save file has the stuck conditions saved in it).

Looks like I have a few items with properties that need editing, too. Thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yes, it's an old character, I'll start a new one.

- I can't transport even empty sleds with a shopping cart. It's good that it isn't possible anymore to infinitely put box carts and shopping carts into each other, but at least empty sleds should be transportable with a box/shopping cart.

Edit: - I could reverse craft a lit quality torch at 75% to a 100% unlit torch, but can't reproduce it anymore.

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My items shrunk! This bug is awesome!


What is this? A camp for ants?

That's a cool one! I haven't seen that yet.

Unreported(?) noise trap bug for you. You can make a noise trap (since the last publish I've been making mine out of a single pill bottle + string, as Malacodor describes) and then make a second one and stack them (happens automagically when you enter the crafting screen, even if they weren't before). I do agree, by the by, that it should require at least 2 pill bottles to "rattle" properly. Unfortunately a single bottle will satisfy all the non-string requirements, currently.

Oh, and that isn't the bug. They've stacked up to 2 for ages.

The bug is that you can then unstack them (I did it in the craft screen) and the second (bottom) noise trap can always(?) be dissassembled into a tin can + parts + string. Apparently it isn't saving the original ingredients, just defaulting to the legacy recipe. This gives super-easy access to a tin can (can boil up to 3 water just as well as a pot, last I checked -- was this addressed yet?) to any scavenger starting with the Medic skill (the first aid kit almost always has 2+ pill bottles in it, empty or not).

I noticed this last update, but I forgot to report it.
- - - -

Honestly, I recall a lot of bugs and/or aggrivation related to the automatic stacking of all items in the crafting screen. Might want to avoid forcing that on items not originally stacked, thanks.

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Edit: Oh, I wanted to add that I love the new-found effectiveness for Create Obstacle and Lure.

- Boiling water with a glass bottle destroys the bottle and the water.

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I just tried this and while bottle was destroyed, water was purified correctly.

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It's possible to recover arrows during combat. Just fire arrows at a target at range, and you can then go to inventory screen and recover them. This seems not only implausible, but is a huge balance issue as it makes bows ridiculously powerful.

I suggest arrows that hit be unrecoverable until the enemy is lootable, and arrows in general should only be recoverable after a battle is done.

- The recipe ".308 Rifle with Scope" should be renamed to ".308 Rifle w/Scope" to fit the general naming style.
- The property "long shaft" doesn't sound logical, shouldn't it be "large shaft"?

- The recipes for 1 boiled water/rags requires a "fireproof, waterproof container", the recipes for 2 and 3 boiled water/rags require a "medium or large fireproof, waterproof container". Glass bottles and soup cans can still be used for the 2x and 3x recipes, so I guess they should actually have the property "small fireproof, waterproof container" to exclude them from the 2x/3x recipes, which isn't the case now.

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Thanks for the bugs so far, guys! I'll add these to my list.

Re: arrows, that's something a number of folks are talking about in this build. And it's a bit of a tricky problem. In order to avoid cluttering this bug list with a lengthy discussion, I'll pop over to this other thread to talk about it. Good point, though!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

- The condition "Wearing a fur glove" should be renamed to "Wearing a hide glove".

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-Disassembling looted .308 rifle w/strap coughs up the base rifle and 2 small parts, but no strap. Intentional?

-Edit: Trek sleeping bag not usable to fix HVAC, yet Pharaoh sleeping bag is?

-Edit 2: binocular half + medium string = scope w/strap

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"-Edit 2: binocular half + medium string = scope w/strap"

I think that's intended. It's just too much work to make an extra picture for every possible item combination. Dan had to draw 240 different noise traps, for example.

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There seems to be a bug that lowers loot bars (and seemingly loot chance as well) to low levels, even when they should be relatively high (strong+botany+squirrel snare in a forest, for example). This seems to have started after I exited the DMC for the first time.

Here's the save. Just try looting anywhere with looting gear to see abnormally low red bars (unless this is intentional for areas near DMC and I haven't noticed).


Edit: I've went back west and loot bars were appropriately high, so this seems to be intentional (it makes sense that loot is more scarce the closer you get to the well-populated DMC).

Some in-game feedback about this would be nice, though!

That's intended, and I think it's something players should find out themselves.

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Another bug or perhaps oversight: cooked meat is a valid option for roasted meat, and cured meat is a valid option for cured meat. Purified water is also a valid option for boiling water, and I believe this occurs with clean rags and boiling rags recipe. While having cooked meat as a last option for cured meat is fine, the rest ought to be addressed (especially boiling water; this bug makes it tedious to make sure you're not boiling purified water!)

Yet another bug: clicking anywhere on the crafting screen blanks out the results box, and disallows crafting.

There also seem to be a bunch of medium thread recipes; put small thread in a crafting box and notice the arrow. In fact, this seems to happen with a lot of recipes when you do it manually.

I have a character with trapping, and when scavenging in forest tiles I am able to use a squirrel snare, but the "trapping" skill option is no longer present as was in previous versions, however "Strong" is listed. have these been mixed up? I seem to be only getting low quality squirrel corpses now (Less than 60%)

Edit : Further testing has given me a wide distribution of quality values, out of up to 97% so it seems that you can get good results its just very unlikely

I've hit a problem where attempting to craft a broadhead spear with a sharpened spear, small string, and a glass shard will consume the reagents but fail to produce the broadhead spear.

It seems to happen mostly at random, although I've noticed that if it happens once then I have to pack up and move somewhere else or it will keep happening and I'll just end up spending all my materials on nothing.

*Waits patiently for the addition of Carroltron*

I had this problem (disappearing broad spear), too, but I was unable to reproduce it.

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I feel that Nanorobotic Kit's drop rate needs to be nerfed a bit. On the picture below is my "for sale" cart worth over $3000. I gathered three of those kits going from DMC to Hidden Lake (and all had refills in them).


EDIT: Which is, btw, exactly opposite to Sauce Pan, which I found none, and I had to boil my water in Silver Urn.

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I've had to boil water with a nanorobot kit before. Also, said kit is sometimes prioritized over soup cans for water boiling quick recipe, for some ungodly reason.

Also, about broadhead arrows: for some reason, clicking on the recipe will sometimes construct the reverse recipe for deconstructing the arrow. While having that recipe is fine, the recipe for making a broadhead arrow shouldn't include the recipe for reversing it.

Also, you can make broadhead arrows with broadhead arrows. This seems a little odd to me.

I'm totally with you on the Sauce Pan issue. I went through hell trying to find a sauce pan. Found loads of other things but nowhere could I find a darn sauce pan till late in the game.


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- Mushrooms always have 100% and don't degrade.

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For some reason my sleeping bag, backpack and other expensive items were prioritized over my twigs and tinder when making a medium fire.

Why would I ever say yes to making a fire out of a branch of wood, my lighter and something that's worth $35 dollars over a few bits of twigs and stuff that I found for free?

Also, clicking 'Boiled Water x#' always seems to add purified water when I'm trying to boil standard water.


You've opened the door to your car.
Here there be lions.

Are you sure you have the latest version? Cheaper ingredients should be preferred in the current version.

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- It is possible to boil water with an electric charge as heat source.

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Having obtained Bionic eyes with the NV and Telescopic upgrades, I am not able to use the eye augment in the scavenge option. if its related, I installed the eyes and all upgrades in one session at the hospital. Will test around this. I am able to use a lighter to assist, which raises the results, implying that the eye mods are not automatically being counted, or if they are that the lighter is double dipping the bonus.

-game crashed for no reason on W7 and I lost like an hour of gameplay, just when I had shrugged off blue rot 3
-sometimes game just wont let me go to a given tile and it is very bothersome when trying to look for water
-isnt the trapping skill op as hell? people seem to break their necks when I lure them or at least they get so weak that I can finish them off with crowbar
-lockpick will count as prying the lock open (crowbar scavenging option) and I think it doesnt give any you loot bonus when put on scavenging screen
-diagnostics option just does not work, when paid the price you will be rewarded with two blank boxes and the confirm option and no diagnostics input whatsoever
-shouldnt I get a permanent "using magnifying optics" buff when I tweak my robo-eye? it happens for nvg but I got to equip binocs w/strap to get that buff.
-sometimes gameplay will be slow and sluggy as if my computer wasnt good enough to run it, but we all know the truth
-on combat screen sometimes game will freeze for a moment rendering me unable to choose any combat option, sometimes it goes back to normal but most I have to end process and restart application
-is the multitool blade meant to be that puny combatwise?
-is it intentional the fact that I cant ready for combat the weapon strapped on my back? doesnt that defeat the whole purpose of a strap?
-does anybody know if we will see sprite animations in the future?
-combat log is difficult to read because of the quantity of useless input thrown into it (like those <<<.... lines) it is very difficult to visualize a mental representation of combat without an interesting combat log to read
-awesome game totally worth my money

- For lockpicking you have to choose lockpicks AND lickpicking skill.
- I had some serious performance problems in the last version, but they seem to be solved. In which situations do you have performance problems?
- Multitools aren't designed as weapons.
- If this awsome game is worth a little more money you can buy feature votes here: http://bluebottlegames.com/main/node/16

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-I will have issues when I have been playing for a long time (1h) it seems like it becomes unstable doesnt appear to happen for any particular reason it just happens when it must

Does this happens when you play the downloaded version or the online one? Also, are you sure you have flash player up to date?

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I play downloaded version and I had to update flash to play in a minecraft server. I have a phenom 2 x4 and a 5830

-is lure really working as intended? I understand that you have to meet a lot of conditions to make the option appear in the combat screen but this skill just wrecks your enemies

Your issue has, probably, nothing to do with graphics or CPU. If anything it's a memory problem. How much RAM do you have? You should also try online version, as the online flash player is more up to date.

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Hey Guys!

Sorry for all the bugs. I've heard a few reports of crafting acting weird in this build, so I'm wondering if I introduced a new bug. The quick recipe sorting should be choosing cheaper ingredients first, but a few people have mentioned it doing the opposite.

The performance/crashing after long periods of play could actually be related. If the game becomes unstable over time, it could cause normal gameplay functions to start failing (e.g. the frozen combat, empty diagnostics encounter, inaccessible hexes, and empty crafting results). However, I'll need to run some tests to see if that's the case.

No matter what, it sounds like I still need to dig into the performance issues that pile up over long sessions. Right now, when I create the downloadable versions, I have to create Flash projectors with old versions of Flash, since Adobe stopped supporting that method a while ago. Part of me is suspicious the performance degradation over time is compounded by that old software version. (Note: this is different than the Flash plugin that runs in the browser)

I'm currently looking into a new version of NEO Scavenger that runs in HaxeFlixel instead of AS3 Flixel. If I can get that to work, it should mean the game bypasses Flash altogether on desktop/downloadable copies. However, I'm still looking into whether it's possible.

If that doesn't work out, I'll still try to fix the bugs in the Flash version.

Thanks for your patience, and for the info!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

- Rifle with scope (with or without strap) + medium thread = scope w/strap

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- Using light sources and NV Aug for scavanging seems broken
Before I had the eye augs I couldn't use any light sources for scavaging besides NV googles at all, getting all the augs
made all lighters and flashlights available for scavanging to me but the NV augmentation itself can't be selected.

- One off issue with not being able to mount both scope and strap to a hunting rfile, instead always removing the previous one
and degrading condition over time

- issue with not being able to craft any more arrows when you already have a stack of five in your inventory

Also, as a Linux user: Please kill that Flash monster with fire! Eventually it will cause more problems on Linux as Flash isn't supported outside of Google Chrome anymore. I have recommended NEO Scavenger to many other Linux gamers quite often but Flash keeps some of them away.

You have to mount scope and strap at the same time.

Did you try to craft piercing or broadhead arrows? I just tested it with piercing arrows and it works fine. Maybe you just ran out of moves, crafting 5 arrows costs a full turn.

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I might have done one after the other, still it should absolutely work to put either one on after the other because of logic.

I think I was crafting the broadhead arrows, piercing arrows worked fine.
And I'm not new to the game, just to the forums here, of course I had plenty of moves, the craft button displayed and when I clicked it I lost that move and nothing happened.

I can make 6 crude broadhead arrows. It seems you encountered one of these non-reproducible random bugs.

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Compound bow + medium thread = 3 small threads as first option, bow w/strap is only second option. Same problem with skinning a dogman corpse, without fur is first option and with fur second option. If possible, the crafting output should show the most valuable product first.

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- Everything in the inventory (including the necklace) randomly disappears and thus there is no way to get away from the Merga Wraith.

Are you sure you were not defeated in combat and fell unconscious? When that happens, enemies can take whatever items you have with you, same way as you can loot them if they fell. Maybe that is the case?

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Yes I'm quite sure because it happened again. There was no notification in the message box that your opponent hit you unconscious. And I lost everything including the necklace and also armband.

Can you reproduce the problem? When it happens: during combat, while sleeping?

Also, info on what version you are using and on which platform can help Dan to track the bugs in a big way. A save file would be great.

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I haven't tried to reproduce the problem. But I'll describe it as best I can.

The first time it happened:

I met a looter who I should have been able to scare away quite easily with - Strong, Melee and Tough stats as well as equipment. Which is what happened but suddenly I get the message that you've met the Merga Wraith and my full inventory is empty.

The second time it happened I was around Zom Zom's and encountered a raider from whom I tried to escape which I did but to Zom Zom's and after I tired leaving there I was again stripped of all my inventory and was attacked by the wraith.

I'm running the latest downloadable version of the game on Windows.

- Not being able to access your hoodies pocket when wearing a patchwork hide tunic.

Not a bug is sort of intended.

Official Trained Dogman

May I suggest for it to be changed?

Because I find quite similar to reaching down to the pockets in your pants.

The only way it can be changed is with a lot of coding which would bog down the game and was deemed not good for the game, sorry :P

Official Trained Dogman

No problem. I understand.