Known Bugs as of 0.979

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Known Bugs as of 0.979

The following is a list of known bugs that have not yet been fixed in NEO Scavenger v0.976. If you're encountering a bug in the game that isn't listed here, please post about it in the forums!

Known Bugs:

  • Mac Version Won't Run - Some users have reported that the Mac version won't run, often resulting in an error message saying the file is "Damaged" or similar. This appears to be the case with certain versions of OSX and Gatekeeper. This thread discusses several solutions which seem to help.
  • Fullscreen on Linux - Using fullscreen on Linux causes the keyboard to be ignored, unless playing the game in Chrome. Unfortunately, this is because Adobe is only updating Flash for Chrome on Linux moving forward. I'll have to see if there's a workaround for downloaded versions.
  • Esc Key Exits Fullscreen - The "Esc" key will exit fullscreen. If you wish to access the main menu, "F1" will also work without exiting.
  • Endless Turns - Sometimes the game will start advancing turns automatically, usually resulting in starvation or dehydration before long. I'm still trying to find the cause of this, so if you run into it, and can remember what led up to it, let me know! (E.g. which platform you're on, was it on the map or battle screen, do you typically use mouse or hotkeys for things like advancing turns and switching screens, etc.)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I recently triggered the 'Endless Turns' bug. I was on a plains tile and had just exhausted my 5 movements and hit space to wait a turn. Next minute I was standing there with my thumbs up my butt as I died of dehydration with five bottles of water on my person at the time... I can only imagine what was going through my character's head at the time.


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Still happening, then. Hm. Was this late or early in a game? And was it a new session, or loaded from a save?

Also, was there a battle before this happened? And when was the last time your character was asleep/unconscious?

Most of my hunches as to the cause involve corrupted memory in long sessions or sleep, but there may be another cause I'm not considering. Maybe the game is auto-advancing turns because AI somewhere is in a battle with one left unconscious?

In any case, thanks for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Well as of this post I've encountered it twice. One early, just as I got to DMC, and one MUCH later after even building up enough to get eye surgery.

The first, the one I posted about here before, was early on. I hadn't passed out at all, and the last encountered was about three or four turns ago. I just ran out of movement and ended my turn and suddenly I'm standing there waiting to shrivel up.

The second I was happily trudging along with my shopping cart, on my way back to DMC to sell stuff and I just stopped... I ended the game to spare myself the horrible death of either starvation or dehydration.

In BOTH instances they were new games.


You've opened the door to your car.
Here there be lions.

if its any help in my game with endless turn i notice a large number of raiders and bandits duking it out 2-3 hexes away from my starting point base.

Found another bug, unable to exit encounter screen if something sneaks away from you.

So I was looting a cabin...
And then...

Meat won't cure, even though I'm 99% sure that I have everything. I've got a medium stick, a campfire, six handfuls of ash, a chunck of medium meat, and the trapping skill. Nothing.
(tried a large stick too)

Does it have to be non-cooked meat?

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Hey fox0509!
To cure a medium chunk of meat you need two handfuls of ashes - one is only enough for a small piece of meat.

Hope that helps.

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I had six.

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duplication glitch.

Alright, I had made a campfire in a forest at night, and then was forced to run away by some bandits, so I ran into an open plain. Not wanting to be blind for the night, I wanted to make a torch, but unfortunately, I had no sticks with which to make them, so I decided to use my crowbar instead, figuring I'd reverse the recipe when day comes.

I could only see the torch from the crafting screen, and for some reason, I had like 3 others.

When I saved and quit and came back, I had somehow gotten Four crowbars, four small campfires, 3 extra unlit torches(one crude, the other two quality), two rough splints, four handfuls of ashes, a medium stick, six clean rags, and two dirty rags.

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Hey fox0509!

Yeah, the meat has to be uncooked to be cured with ash, so that's probably the ingredient that caused the problem.

As for the item duplication, are you saying that when crafting a torch from a crowbar, the real version never appeared, but you had 3 versions added to your crafting window?

The subsequent bug's details almost make me think that every possible outcome from crafting was being added to the ground, instead of just the selected crafting output. Could that be the case?

I'm not sure what caused this to happen, though. Was this after playing a long time? I'm wondering if memory was corrupted somewhere earlier in the game, and it caused things to start glitching (e.g. rewarding crafting items from the wrong array).

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yeah, It seems to me like every possible crafting option was added to the ground.

I wasn't playing that long, but I had saved and reloaded a couple times, that's probably where the problem is at, and thanks for that, I didn't know it needs to be not cooked.

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Sometimes when i acidentaly click on an item and put it somewhere outside the places where you can put em they get stuck there and you cant do anything the sprite just stays there or disapears and i cant get it back.

Greedy Bastard

Just encountered the endless turn bug. Twice, back to back games. Using the download for windows. First time. Will close and restart the program and see if that helps. Both times clicked end turn. Both times the square I was in was looted on the first turn of that wait. No encounter was triggered, the turns didn't end after that. Don't know if that helps.

Shut down & restarted the program. Happened again, this time, melon-head entered the square, Didn't loot but no encounter. Then endless turns.

Hey Hewhocomes,

Thanks for the info! Every clue I can get about this persistent bug is helpful.

After restarting the program, did you load a save game, or start a new game when the endless turns happened? Up until now, I've suspected that it was due to something getting corrupt in the game after a long session.

However, your info might suggest that it's related to either save games or a bug that can happen at any time. If it's save-related, do you happen to still have that save file?

Also, when you say the square you were in was looted on the first turn, do you mean that you yourself looted the square, or a creature?

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

They were three separate & consecutive games.

The first time was after a save, but it wasn't a long game.

The first two times. A creature entered the square, took an item and left.

The third time, nothing was taken, a creature entered and left.

I might fire it up and see what happens.

Come to think of it, the first time, before I saved, the game started acting funny. In combat, the selected icons were disappearing. That was why I saved, quite and restarted.

If the downloaded version saves somewhere, it would still be there. I have only played it the three times. I switched back to the online version, and currently have a different save file there.

That's some helpful info, thanks! Sounds like I might have to run a few tests where I force creatures to enter and then leave the hex, to see if I can trigger it. And I'll manually click "end turn" instead of using the spacebar.

Hopefully, that helps me to trigger it, and we can pin down this bug once and for all!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Got bit with the "endless time bug" about the final hours of the 6th day. It was dusk and I made my last move before nightfall and it just kept clicking turn/hours until the poor guy died. I was just a hex or two SE of the opening lab of which I was headed for camping. I had chased off a raider and covered my tracks as the final choice before moving. Only new "thing" encountered that day was a fur coat of which he was wearing. Running Windows 8 on Steam and had played close to 10+ hours without an issue...kind of frustrating since this was the furthest I had gotten in the game. FYI - This was being played from a save file loaded about a half hour earlier.

Sorry about that, ProfessorOfDoom! I think I've narrowed down the endless turn bug to NPC battles where one creature gets deleted before the game is done accessing him, so it causes the end-turn loop to continue endlessly instead of stopping after 1.

I'm working on a fix, and so far my tests have been pretty good. I want to do a bit more testing before I upload the new version, in case I've missed anything.

Thanks for the heads-up, and I apologize for your lost time!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I'm not too sure if its known bug or not, but occasionally, in inventory,part of certain tiems (usually bigger than 2x3) are placed under other items. I'm not too sure where this is comming from, but yeah. Its there.

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Hey there,
I started playing yesterday and it's been a great early access experience so far.
I did, however, encounter one odd bug I thought I'd report.

A bandit surrendered to me and I mercifully accepted.
However, afterwards I was stuck in the encounter screen without any options, so I clicked "confirm" a couple of times until I died (I wasn't watching the message log, but I assume the bandit kept pummeling me).

Also, I guess this has been reported before, but the Steam version doesn't exit when I hit "Save and Exit", it just dumps me back in the main menu. And the "stretch" option doesn't always save once you leave the main menu.

Not sure if this is a bug, but after 5 hours I have yet to see any item qualifiers.
For exmaple, I repaired the HVAC in Exam Room 17 and it doesn't say "(heated)" in the name.
All the water I find is just water, I've never seen "water (chem)" or "(unidentified)" or anything like that.
Just thought it's weird.

It's normal not to see item qualifiers (the correct term is properties).

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I just had the endless-turn glitch and I do know that before it occurred, I was walking about 1-2 hexes away from a huge group of Melonheads, there were about 6-7, or even 8. I spied on one of them and it said that he was fleeing the Player. After I ended my turn they were going back and forth, finally they walked away and then it never ended their turn and they kept walking off and I died of thirst.

- Hunter

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I've just gotten the game today, and it's very fun. That said, both of my first two games have been cut short by the endless turn bug. In both the bug took place after I was ambushed or attacked during the enemy turn. Once the battle was over the game remained stuck and enlessly ended the turn. Thus far I've been using the end turn button exclusively.

The first time I managed to save myself by quitting the game and reloading.

The second time it happened I got looted by a bandit while asleep. Afterwards he started attempting to retreat unsuccessfully, and finally surrendered, dropping all the stuff he had just taken. But once the fight was over the endless turn bug kicked in, and unluckily for me 1 or 2 turns later (didn't manage to quit the game quickly enough after noticing) I got attacked by two bandits. Due to the endless turn bug I didn't have the chance to pick up the stuff that got dropped after I was looted, so the bandits promptly picked up my stuff and attacked me with it. I actually got slaughtered with my own weapon, possibly by the guy I had just let go + some new buddy of his. :D

Endless Turns:

Windows, Steam version 0.980. On the map, after having just moved 3 hexes away from a horde of Melonheads, the turns started cycling non-stop. I usually use the mouse for everything except usiing '1' and '2' in the inventory screens.

The endless turns bug should be fixed in the next update, which will come soon™.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

Thanks for the detailed info, guys! I think I've finally got the endless turn fixed in the next build. Or at least, I have many of its causes fixed :)

@zombie_riot, your "stuck in combat" bug might actually be related to the endless turn bug. I've noticed that when inside a battle during that bug, I get stuck, and when outside the battle, I advance turns endlessly. I think I've got that fixed in the next build, though.

Also, Save and Exit is only meant to go to the title screen, so that sounds normal. "Stretch" should be remembered, though, so if it's forgetting that setting, it's probably a bug.

The "qualifier" text is probably imperfect, since I've added it here-and-there, and missed some places. I might have to review that text later to make it more consistent.

Thanks again, guys!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games