The bandit with the telescopic fist

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The bandit with the telescopic fist

The bandit spots me from about 40 (feet, yards, meters?) away. Silently I curse myself for the intense case of retardation I have which leaves me unable to distinguish between units of measurement. He begins to run in my direction. As he closes to 20 units he starts to punch me. How is this possible? It seems bandits of the future now have insanely long arms. I again curse my profound retardation for failing to notice his telescopic arms with rocket boosters. If only I could muster the brain power to load this rifle with the ammunition I found, presumably for a rifle, that may turn the tide of battle in my favor but it would seem I am too terribly stupid for such an association to be made. At least I can use it as a makeshift club! I move to close the distance with my foe only to trip and stumble. As I lay on the ground, I wondered if perhaps I should stop pushing this wretched shopping cart for just a few minutes while I battle for my life but immediately dismiss this foolish notion. The cart must stay with me at all times or else the government will steal my teeth, or something equally crazy (do remember I am SEVERELY retarded). I arise to my feet, still reeling from the raining blows of the man with 20 foot long arms. Thankfully as I close to my pathetic human fisticuffs range he falls to the ground, presumably because his elephantiasis of the limbs has left him severely imbalanced and clumsy. At this point I kick him, then kick him, then kick him, then kick him, then kick doesn't appear to be an option so I club him with the gun, then kick him, then fall unconscious on top of him, then wake up to kick him, then kick him until he perishes. Although I am saddened by his loss, I have to believe his death was a mercy for his existence was perhaps the only one more wretched and loathsome than my own. Perhaps I will return to the cryo facility from whence I came, to rub multitools and electrical bits against the HVAC controls which my electrical knowledge tells me is entirely fixable, but which I cannot accomplish. I rub the bruises on my shoulder through an absurd 4 layers of clothing; now that and this twisted, disfigured corpse are all that can attest to this poor bandit's former existence. I shake my head sadly and push my shopping cart into the sunset.

This was from playing the demo on the website. An interesting idea/concept; however the interface lacks any intuitiveness, the combat is a flail-fest, and there's not much to DO once you've gotten a stash of supplies such that you're not starving/dehydrated/exposed. The interface of constantly click to pickup, drag to another grid, click to drop, click confirm could really boil down to ONE click rather than 3 clicks and a drag and still be just as useful to the player. Especially if you end up dieing as frequently as you seem to, no reason at all not to make the interface smoother. I'd think clicking and dropping ammo onto the gun should load it into the gun, but trying to do that only swaps their locations.

The bandit punching me from 20 distance away really did happen, and I have to wonder why the heck the shopping cart is a negative combat effect. It would make sense if you have to run that it's left behind, but am I really toting it along with me during a fight for my life? Also if I scavenge and find both supplies and a creature, the supplies disappear even if the creature runs or surrenders. It seems awfully absurd just how often you fall over in combat, particularly if I have a shopping cart to lean on. I tried looking up how to fix the cryo starting area so mechanic or electrical skills wouldn't be a complete waste but I suspect the "crafting area" referenced by others may not be in the demo. Kick is the only worthwhile attack skill, and all combat seems to be "how do I get him to fall down so I can kick?". Bandits run from me then will come back and attack me again, only to retreat, stalk me again, attack and retreat, attack again and surrender. I don't even know how many times this mo with a frying pan attacked me and ran from his own attack.

You of course have to remember you played a demo of an unfinished game so there in obviously more to fill the time in beta (like the story parts and numerous random encounters that can happen).
Combat requires a little learning but after a while you will discover a few tactics do exist to minimize your loses while making winning easier.

About the interface clicking:
press "1" to toggle transfer mode on/off - it allows you to move items/combat moves with just one click;
holding down "2" and clicking on food/water/pills allow to consume in one click as well;
"Space" to confirm in battle/scavenging and next turn on the map screen.

Bandits attacking from the distance - either a bug in demo or there was another bandit closer to you making those hits (you can see a smaller figure next to the enemies picture if there is another one in combat, and you have orange arrows underneath said picture to toggle between combatants.

About running away and surrendering enemies - new combat moves are being implemented from last build - said "retreat" move and different combat ranges for different weapons - so that things should be fixed in the next upcoming builds.

Hope that helps a little on next try!

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If you equip your gun an additional 1 slot inventory appears near it. If you can't put your ammo there it's for another type of gun.

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One of the more amusing stories I've read here, even if caused by some glitches that were or may need to be corrected yet. You would do better by cleaning it up though, breaking the big block of text.

As for tips to add to what other posters said: Brutal, dirty fighting and kicking people to death is an efficient method against some human opponents, but I'd be careful about making it your standard tactic - there are enemies that at close range will take out even quite powerful human opponent, as well as those who employ firearms themselves and provided they have ammo - they will be able to take you out before you'll close in.