Batteries are far too rare

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Batteries are far too rare

Batteries are far too rare especially charged ones, offices would have at *least* 3 or so batteries just lieing around. Ones with power need to be a little more common.

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In my opinion, it really depends on when the cataclysm event went down.

Given state of some buildings, it was many years ago and in that time, most of even never-before-used batteries would lost most of the power, yet alone couple of sticks left in some office in some devices. I'd prefer places like DMC where power is up, running and maintainted to be main source of working power sources - other places should yield such very rarely, at best. Which makes low rate of finding charged batteries make sense, I'd guess.

Yea I agree with you but it seems like the only way you can find any are in the machine that uses them which are usually dead, it doesn't seem like you can find them just lieing around.

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It would be cool if the player could a combination of the hacking and/or electrician skill to tap into powered locations and charge their batteries.

We need

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Unfortunately, won't work. Lemon battery's charge is so weak, that you would be unable to reliably make any regular electric device work - from what I read, you'd need a couple of such lemons to power a cheap wristwatch. Also, according to HowStuffWorks:

"The Naked Scientists, a group of University of Cambridge researchers who host a BBC radio show, were only able provide the 5 volts required to charge their iPod by using a dozen lemons. Even then, the charge was relatively weak. According to Naked Scientists contributor Dave Ansell, their lemon battery would have required 5,000 hours to charge their battery, and he predicted it would have most likely died within a mere 30 minutes."

I wouldn't mind it if electrician-skill possessing players would have a chance of building (with some hardship of acquiring materials) a hand crank battery recharger, which would per one or two action points spent allow battery to regain some power. Possibly such item could also be bought in game, for decent money, or found in some survivalist's bunker. Though in case of such, batteries would have to have a flag so those recharged multiple times would lose ability to hold the charge - not only for the sake of realism but more so - balance, so power will be a luxury to anyone but those allied with sizeable faction or priviledges to partake in the power of bigger settlements like DMC.

Have any of you played Metro 2033? they have a handheld battery charger that is powered by hand cranks. I think that would be a very useful item to have and it fits the post apocalyptic vibe.

Good idea
Such flashlight could be "crafted" into more charged version
"Crafting" it with Strong trait could provide even higher charge

Children's backpack full of bullets? I see nothing wrong in that.

There could be flash lights which you could crank to recharge. How rare or common these are would be up to the creators.

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There should be shake flashlights in the game that don't require power. These are fairly common in the real world, though would be rarer than conventional flashlights.

a cell phone charger would be nice, it can be used to charge cell batterys makeign cell phones have a use as you can then transfer the power to your other devices, have a location with power give 1 charge per turn or something if you use your cell phone charger

I was thinking even a handcrank motor that converts turns/moves into charges would be nifty. Would be fun converting one into a handcrank flashlight or dismantling one to get that valuable motor. Perhaps when bikes(if they) become added, you could craft the engine onto the bike and use that as an even more efficient way to get some charges.

But perhaps easier for now would be a new shop that charges for a charge run by enterprising people who know that power is at a premium for outsiders or folks too cheap to buy new batts(not unlike those cellphone repair shops or ink toner replenishers). I do agree that with all the tech that's available, a way to buy energy would make sense.

Hand cranked usb chargers are commonly available.
So are hand cranked radios, flashlights, etc., with usb ports to charge peripherals.

Solar usb chargers are also very common. Many hikers use them regularly (we use one on every trip).
If you have a little mechanical and electrical aptitude, a car alternator and a bicycle = generator, but that's probably not practical for a mobile scavenger.

Every big box hardware store has solar panels, they aren't rare. You can buy them by the container-ship load from China, whom are being accused of "dumping" their over production in the US and in Europe they have such an over-stock. Politics aside, the point is that solar power is extremely common. Large household panels are simple a collection of smaller tiles that can be simply disassembled then rebuilt for a small and light charging kit. Here they have traffic radars along the highway with wind and solar generators for power and many traffic control devices have solar panels. They are literally everywhere if you take the time to look.

If the apocalypse was recent, propane is available everywhere and doesn't degrade like gasoline or diesel, and most motors can be easily modified to run on it. (some better than others, obviously) Although the supply will likely soon run out, unless you score a home base at a rural propane reseller with the giant tanks. You can also buy fuel cell generators that run on propane, with no moving parts to wear out.

My point here is that it's not a major issue to charge batteries, and batteries themselves aren't really proprietary. Almost all "custom" batteries are just a plastic shell wrapped around common sized cells.

Bottom line is that small electronics devices, like iPads and phones, aren't hard to charge, you just need to scavenge the charging parts. (hmmm, isn't that a major part of this game?) Laptops are a bit tougher, requiring longer charging times and typically higher voltages, but the cryo lab has plenty of power or you can double/triple up on solar.

How about solar panels? Or a random solar array somewhere?

There should probably be many more charged batteries sold at the junk market, or even in the DMC itself. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what Dan says.

Wouldn't be too fond of finding such on junk market, maybe just ones with little to no charge, rarely with DMC being the only real option of charging batteries of buying fresh ones for a really high price.

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maybe we can buy "hot bricks" from bob...

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