Glass shards are overpowered

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Glass shards are overpowered

Cutting rather soft things like meat with glass shards seems reasonable, but woodworking should be limited to metal blades, I think. I don't know how the latest release changed the drop rates of glass items, but in the test build I had more than enough shards for crafting, which seems a bit too cheap.

Edit: And carving an arrow out of monkey wrench is where it starts to get ridiculous. ;-)

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I agree that glass shards should only work for things like skinning animals, not woodworking type jobs. I also think they should "break" (be consumed) during crafting in most cases too (I think that happens already at least in some "recipes" like skinning a squirrel, right?).

Given how hard it can be to find a pocket knife or meat cleaver (and there's no "knife" item yet), I appreciate having the option to use broken glass in an emergency, but yes, it needs to be inferior to an actual knife in many cases.

I believe the monkey wrench arrows is a known bug! :)

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Shards degrade 25% of condition with every crafting use, so they only last for 4 uses from brand new.

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Personally I think that shards should only be used as a crafting item, not as a blade. And if you think about it, skinning an entire animal with a shard of glass using your BARE HANDS seems a bit dangerous. so cutting should be limited to shivs as far as the cutting goes. The profuse quantity of shards seems normal though, as glass is a very common item to be found.

I have tons of shards stashed... I think they should just last one crafting use and then break. They are just too common.

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They either should last for less uses or possibly some of their functionality should go - while glass might be sharp, and could be use to cut string or cloth, I am pretty sure a single piece would not be enough to skin any animal, yet alone bear-like dogman.

So, for example, a property like "fragile" or something sounding similar could be added to them, to prevent them form heavy-duty recipes like skinning/cutting meat - they would still be useful for arrows and other small works, just not being a free and limitless in supply replacements for a knife.

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