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About the bows

I can't seem to find a recipe on how to craft the darn thing anywhere. Could someone give me a hint on how to? Anyone else encountering this problem?

You need:
- large branch
- medium thread
- sharp edge (meat cleaver, glass shard, etc.)
- ranged skill

This will create a compound bow w/string, which is a bug. Normally you would get a greenwood bow. You better craft like 10 compound bows, since they shouldn't actually be craftable. ;-)

Edit: Currently, you don't even need the branch and the sharp edge.

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I'd still really like to know how to create glass or nail-tipped arrows (figured out the bow on my own). I know there is art for them, but I can't figure out how to craft them. Am I missing some sort of fletching material? I haven't seen anything like feathers in game. I've tried every combo of item properties/skills I can think of thus far. Any tips?

(edit) Oh, wait. Reread the reported bugs. Seems no arrow recipes are functional. Least I'm not crazy.

So I confirmed for you that recipe for arrows do work in current version. What you need is:

1x Sharp Edge e.g. multitool, cleaver
1x Ranged Skill
1x Medium Shaft - Tree Branch
1x Small Thread - a Handful of String...
3x Small, Flexible Sheet - a Scrap of Paper (those small papers with recipes on them)

and for the tip, either:

1x Small, Rigid, Sharp Edge with Point (Small Parts) for Piercing Arrow (you don't need to use this but multitool will be used instead)
1x Small, Sharp Point (Glass Shard) for Broadhead Arrow

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Thanks, I tried everything that could qualify as small, flexible sheet except recipes.

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Omg you have no idea how thankful I am for your help lol. I had tried everything to make arrows except for using the recipe papers. I was seriously disappointed that people reported the arrow recipe bug, but now playing an archer is now viable. Thank you very very much! :D

You can also use crowbars and monkey wrenches as medium shaft.

Ran around with a clown mask before it was cool

here is a good tip to stock up on pieces of paper.
if you have the electrician or mechanic perk. go back into the cryo spot, and examine the hvac ,or lighting it give you a scrap of paper each time you do it.

The archer is one of the best combat types of the game. but do not forget to pick up rocks on the way before you get or make a bow. having rocks have saved me from death more than once.