Am I cannibal? (possible spoilers) [0.972t]

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Am I cannibal? (possible spoilers) [0.972t]

So after finally starting to starve I decided to go trapping, to get some squirrels and the like. Well I go and start snaring, my first time I snare something I get two squirrels and... Well.. A "humanoid corpse"

My brain immediately thinks "How much meat will I get?" and without hesitating I butcher the corpse with my utility knife. I'm glad I did. 7 medium chunks of meat and 8 small chunks of meat. Fantastic I have to say.

Very grateful for the amount of meat I got, even if my character is now a cannibal. :)

wooo another one for team cannibal :D. (I also recommend killing them near the city the meat sells for quite a lot)

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Since we are on the topic of cannibalism, in most post- apocalyptic movies, people who eat too much human meat will get "the shakes" is it possible to implement this into the game to nerf the ability to prey on looters for their succulent frail and feeble corpes?

lol wat?

I used to avoid the corpses since it was easier to eat berries and fungus, but then I tried a human corpse because the medium slabs also cure your thirst more than water in some instances. I still like to eat the berries and fungus, but I gotta have my meat. My personal favorite though is dogman meat. I get a walking delicatessen and a nice, expensive fur coat and PETA ain't complaining. Also, a cured medium slab of meat at 100% goes for $60 at the market. Ever wonder how much you're worth?

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