Gauntlets and levels

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Gauntlets and levels

I think you should be able to make dogman gauntlets with the new planned corpses. Like in fallout how you can make death claw gauntlets. I also thinks there should be levels so over time you would get better at a skill by using it. For example you would get better at sneaking by sneaking up on enemies .

Some basic garments etc from animal-acquired resources? Sure. But I am personally against stuff like deathclaw gauntlets and so on. In practice, they are less useful and far less sturdy than a decent knife and the fact that Neo Scavenger is about more utilitarian and practical approach rather than 'rule of cool' appeals to me.

Dogmen gauntlet is the begging of the dark, corrupting path toward doom of laser katanas, fingertip missile launchers, molotov-fireball staffs and other such kind of stuff I'd rather not see here. But that's me.

Levels idea was already discussed. In the end I believe the consensus was that such solution comes with it's own set of problems and geeral proficiencies are the best course of action for the time being - though one day it may change or some other idea will take it's place.

I understand that you don't want the game to get too overboard by adding robots and rocket launchers. And I could see how adding dogman gauntlets could steer the game in that direction. But if dogmen have sharp enough claws to rip you apart in just 2 or 3 turns then I think their claws are pretty lethal. The gauntlet wouldn't have to be a weapon itself. it could be like a glove that gives a passive of x2 damage when using your fists and when you punch makes cuts so you have bleeding damage to your target. And you could still hold things if you where wearing them. But if dogmen gauntlets are to unrealistic then they could add brass knuckles or sap gloves that do the something as the gauntlet but instead of cutting when you punch they do more bruising and have a higher chance to break bone.

Actually, with just robots and launchers I have no problems - as long as, yes, it won't go overboard and is done tastefully, without being just pure sci-fi. After all, it's not too far from IRL. In case of dogmen gloves though, practical factor hits the wall a bit - like I've said, animal claws are actually rarely really sturdy or as effective as a real blade and generally impractical.

Even fluff-wise, I'd rather link damage dogmen are dealing with their strength, claws only add penetrating, bleeding bonus to - the same way it may be with bear IRL, whose claws on their own aren't as dangerous as the strong, muscled paw that guides them.

For fighting, I think the only people who seriously considered employed bladed gauntlets not as a novelty were japanese (and even here I may be wrong) and even then their invention was pushed out by more common tools. The case of stuff like brass knuckles is a bit different. Those never required real maintenance, were cheap, very easy to conceal until needed and them adding 'pow' was not as much a point as allowing one's fist to hit with full force and repeatedly, with hard surface, increased hand's mass but without damaging said hand (which things were where the real additional damage came from). It must be pointed out though that combination of knuckles and blades was being used quite much and even issued in armies as trench knives but those were more like knives with knuckle grip protecting fingers than bladed gauntlets.

...but I am getting off-topic.

Now, gauntlet which is basically a fancy glove I wouldn't mind if it would be stated/obvious that it's hardly a weapon on it's own (2x damage is far too much, really). Getting teeth and claws for some simple accesories would be interesting.

I'd like to see some sort of brass knuckles too, though I most of all like the idea of being able to craft "Cestus" (gloves with metal studs/plates), "Sphairai" (gloves with metal knuckle-blades) or "Myrmex" (gloves with pronged 'forks') type gauntlet-weapons, as they seem to really fit the down 'n' dirty post apocalypse vibe.

I can easily see crude spiked gauntlets being homemade out of a pair of leather/pelt gloves and broken glass or Dogman teeth. Though damage shouldn't - IMO - be too much higher than punching, the weapon would have the advantage of being very fast, yet doing cutting/piercing damage and causing bleeding wounds... a big issue in NeoScavenger! :)

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I wouldn't be against this, considering we can fight robots and will eventually be able to blast things with freaking laser rifles! :)

That said, I'd rather just be able to harvest Dogman Claws and/or teeth to use to make a crude bushcraft knife.

Most of all, though, I'd REALLY just like to be able to make a Dogman claw/tooth necklace to intimidate others and for bragging rights!

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