So when are we getting knives?

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So when are we getting knives?

We have bows, guns, spears and glass shards, but the only knife is in a multitool? I feel like there should be at least one kitchen knife somewhere in Michigan.

Well, technically, there are a six edged weapons right now: the glass shard, the improvised glass shiv, the meat cleaver, the broken bottle, the multitool, and broad arrow (used as a hand weapon).

I know what you mean, though. There are some other, non-weapon items I'd like to add before I create more knife variety, but I have a few blades on my wishlist. And kitchen knives are among them!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yup, I'll second the request for a basic kitchen knife. It feels odd finding meat cleavers over these.

While a (rare) Hunting Knife would make a good hard-earned reward (best knife weapon in the game?), being able to find a kitchen knife in houses or on human opponents would make sense and help the player find a knife early on, while still keeping the (much more useful for crafting) Multitool appropriately rare and sought-after.

I'd also someday like to see a craftable Stone Knife (flintknapped stone with a wood handle?) for hardcore wilderness survivor characters to craft. :)

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