Deer, Meat, and More

Happy Independence Day, folks! For those Americans out there, hope the grill is hot, the beverages cold, and the fireworks flashy! For the rest, pop open a tasty refreshment and enjoy your evening, just because. Can't let those yanks have all the fun, right? :)

As mentioned yesterday, I've been working on corpses, meats, and hides. And after some discussion with players, it seemed like a good idea to add a new creature specifically for meat and hide, so dogmen don't become the only source (which makes for tough hunting).

So I decided on deer, since they're in rather good supply around Michigan, and can offer both meat and hide/fur. And since we now have a few hide/fur sources, I figured I'd adjust the patchwork tunic to reflect the mixed sourcing. Here's a preview of the new stuff from today:

IMAGE( Hunters rejoice!

As you can see, the deer has no horns. I wasn't ready to start making separate buck/doe/fawn art, so I figured I'd go with small/missing horns. That way, it could pass for a doe, a malnourished/young buck, or a large fawn.

I also created separate fur/hide scraps for dogmen/deer, respectively. The dogman scraps will come from unskilled butchering of dogmen, while deer hide comes from either skilled or unskilled butchering. However, having trapping when butchering a deer corpse means greater yield of meat and hide.

And the patchwork tunic had a slight rework, so it doesn't look like 100% squirrel pelts. Since all three furs are interchangeable in that recipe, it seemed like a quick tweak to avoid breaking immersion.

I created some spawn locations further north for the deer, away from human activity, so they're more common up there right now. Based on my brief testing, though, raider/bandit spawns are still feeling too common near the cryo facility. So maybe I'll add a third deer region around cryo, both as a way to add variety, and also give starting players something to hunt.

Before I do that, though, I think I'm going to start plugging in the new items I've created to the loot tables. I have a pretty long list of melee weapons, firearms, missile weapons, some new tools, junk items, and primitive vehicles from the past two months. I want to add more, but maybe I should see how the game feels with this batch.

So I've started rounding up all the items, listing them for quick reference, and tomorrow, I'll start hooking them up to loot tables. I'd like to see how it feels with these new items in circulation, and look for any gotchas I might've missed. I can try fighting the newly equipped raiders and such, hunt some deer, and try my hand at crafting a sled or slinging a crowbar with a strap.

Tomorrow should be interesting! Have a good night, all. And stay safe if you're partying/driving!


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Happy 'murica day, everyone!

~The Pirate

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Good work, the tunic looks much more patchworky than before. And the deer looks almost too cute to be killed, almost... ;-)

Please give us some more info on deer hunting. Do we have to scavenge for them? Does hiding or trapping help? Are they limited to specific terrain types?

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Deer cuteness vs. hunger: who will win?

Right now, deer are roaming creatures, like dogmen and raiders. They appear the same times those other creatures would (e.g. scavenge results, random spawns). Hex type doesn't matter, though they're more common in some areas of the map than others. Hiding will help on the map, as deer are skittish and will run if they see you. Trapping will be useful in butchering the deer, and using its byproducts, much like the squirrel. There are no traps specifically for deer, though.

This all depends on how they playtest, though. Adjustments are always a possibility.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games