Larger Liquid Containers

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Larger Liquid Containers

Hello everyone, this is my first topic, and I have bought the game, and played through enough times to know how to survive. I love this game and everything about it, and it has everything I have been looking for in a survival RPG. I haven't explored the entire map, but I notice that the only thing you can store liquids with are these plastic bottles. Now I know this is handy for small portions, but what if we could have some gallon jugs, or even the larger ones they put in offices? Just a thought. Thanks Dan for the awesome game! I know it will only get better from here and I am glad to have contributed to the cause.

I agree that larger bottles might be particularly useful, especially once DCFedor throws in the additional vehicles, finally making it less than near impossible to encounter more than one vehicle in over a month's play time. And IDK about you Borran, but so far in my experiences playing this game, I've rarely wanted to carry 3 small bottles of water, I couldn't imagine wanting to carry a gallon jug= 128oz vs 20oz bottles we have been carrying! Now if it was disproportionately smaller, I might see that... But right now it just seems like it would be just too darn heavy full. On the other hand, it has potential for CRAFTING!

The way I was looking at it was like it would be sort of like a backpack, but for water, so you could go on long treks, and have enough water for there and back.

For example:


If I could have a gallon or five gallon(office water fountain size) then I could fill those up and it would be much easier than filling and emptying these bottles. It just seems easier from my perspective. Now I know its more space saving to use little bottles, but when you just need a backpack for water, this is what I am talking about. Can you see it like that?

I get what you are trying to say, and agree that, for camp-maintaining reasons, a barrel or water-cooler bottle would be nice addition. But why would you want to carry a 8 and a half liters of water with you?

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Okay, say I am starting from cryo, and going to city. I need that much water to make the trek. Also i forgot to mention, a jug that would take up the space of... say 4 bottles? That would in theory be able to contain more water than the 4 bottles in total. Like how a backpack can carry more items than the space it takes up. See?

I just like the idea of more water containers... And it would indeed be easier to say when your closest water source is around 11 hexes away (haven't had this happen before, but let's just theorize) it would indeed be much easier to have a larger container.

I believe i'm thinking on a little bigger scale than you Borran, i'm thinking of like a barrel that wouldn't fit in a backpack and would perhaps be a pain in the ass (excuse my french) to carry by hand. Something you would have to put in a cart or something like that when full but is able to be carried by hand if empty. You know? Something that could last you for quite a long time before you have to go refill it again. I might be asking for a lot in this, but I like the idea of being able to make one trip to a water source and go back home and not have to worry about water for a while, like a week or two.

The problem with that would be, I think, that the current droplets are too big. They weight 0.25kg so assuming its a water in room temperature, they are around 250 ml each. In other words, four droplets per liter - 40 droplets to fill 10 liter bucket (which is not that hard to carry around).

Here a bucket of water:

This plastic barrel (one I would like to have in main camp in cryo lab) is 20 times bigger (200 litres).

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It would be possible to transport different liquids in the same container without actually mixing them.

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I would already be happy with bigger bottles.

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I would also love to see bigger water containers, and rain catcher systems for when it rains. I like stocking up, and having barrels/bags full of goodies always makes me smile. Also, I'd love to be able to boil more than 3 droplets of water at a time.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Hopefully this can become integrated into the game in the future.

I definitely agree we need a larger liquid container. Nothing fancy, something like a camp water carrier or jerry can would be fine (somewhat rare to find). It could hold - say - around 6-12 water "droplets" and should be around the half (or the full) size of a cardboard box, meaning you'd have to carry it in one hand or almost fill an entire backpack to transport it.

It would be VERY useful for transporting water from a distant water source to your camp in bulk, or for storing water at your camp site (refilling with bottles as required).

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I think that if they do put large water containers in, they should be mobile when empty, but full, they should need to be in a vehicle and slow you down.

example: You find an empty drum or plastic water cooler bottle. You bring it to your main camp. You can then fill it with a lot of water, but transporting it full after that would be a huge problem.