A long, strange trip.

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A long, strange trip.

Such a long, strange trip it's been... from that first moment staggering, confused, from the glassy tube of his longevity, to the miles spent in a world shattered by unknown past events.He quickly learned to fight, beating a raider to death with a crowbar, and then another, until he found a rifle at an abandoned shack in the woods.It helped quite a bit, in his continued journey... for it seemed every time he stopped to search a building, or chunk of forest, some mutant creature or vicious raider would come and try to take everything from him.He learned to boil water, and got very lucky with what plants he chose to eat.But it was the same day he sighted the towering structures of an Arcology, still alight, that yet another raider found him. And this one dealt him a mortal wound, though he returned the favor and more... and then put aside the empty rifle in exchange for the familiar crowbar once more. He rested for a time, healing again, as he had so many times before. But he was thirsty... so thirsty, that he decided to push on.It rained, for an entire day, but he never could find water. The rain finally let up around nightfall... for a couple of hours. But though his wounds had healed a little, by then he was parched.  Weak with thirst, he stared up at the cruel heavens as they once more gushed rain.  Rain he was too stupid to simply open his mouth and take in. To foolish to lay out pots to capture.With the rain pouring down around him... he died of thirst... the light of the distant living city glinting off the rain-wet trees around him.

Oh irony. A beauty when inflicted upon others, but a cruel mistress when it falls upon you.

I think the ability to catch rain in containers or "harvest" the water and return to collect the caches ala Burntime would help stop this sort of silliness.

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