Postcards Update

I've started signing the postcards, and I'm making pretty good progress. However, one thing occurred to me: some purchasers of the Yukon Edition may be buying the game for someone else. So far, I've been using the "billing address" name from the receipt FastSpring sends me after each order.

So I've added an optional field on the order form to let people specify a different name to which the postcard will be addressed. If you ordered your copy before this optional field was added, and you want a different name on the postcard from the billing addressee's name, send me an email, and include the order number. I'll hold on to the cards for a day or two more so you can do so.

Otherwise, if you're fine with the billing addressee's name, no email necessary! And sorry for the confusion! It's my first time doing this sort of thing, so I hadn't considered the "gifting" possibility until I had already done a few dozen!